At WP Engine, we’re committed to protecting our customers’ online business, while delivering secure and blazingly fast sites. That’s why we are happy to announce that WP Engine has made Let’s Encrypt certificates available to its 50K customers.

Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority who is making HTTPS ubiquitous by providing free SSL/TLS certificates. In addition to being free, Let’s Encrypt certificates are fully automated, so after you configure your site’s certificates, we’ll auto-renew them before they expire (every 90 days).

Websites starting with https use encrypted connections and have padlock icons on browsers.

A More Secure Site

HTTPS, the secure protocol for the web, safeguards your visitors by creating encrypted connections between your visitors and your site, protecting your visitors’ privacy and the data they share with you over the internet.

Blazing Fast Results

On our platform, HTTPS also automatically enables HTTP/2 (the latest hypertext transfer protocol), which improves website load times.

Improved SEO

By enabling HTTPS with free Let’s Encrypt certificates, you can also expect better Google search engine rankings, since HTTPS is used as a ranking signal.

Get Started Today

To get free Let’s Encrypt certificates for your sites, visit the WP Engine User Portal, and then visit your install > SSL > Add Certificates > Get Let’s Encrypt. For more details, visit our Support Garage article about HTTPS.

For more information about Let’s Encrypt, see Torque’s Why Let’s Encrypt Has Completely Changed the SSL Landscape.