On Monday, May 14th digital pioneers, industry experts and technological innovators gathered together for the 22nd annual Webby Awards. Winning a Webby represents the highest form of recognition on the internet; winners are selected because they have provided the best overall experience in the following areas: websites, film & video, advertising, media, PR, podcasts and more.

This year, WP Engine partnered with The Webby Awards to bring Webby For Good, a project highlighting digital experiences bringing positive change to the world. From Wall Street’s Fearless Girl to an enticing site dedicated to saving koalas, these winners are using the internet to spread awareness and initiate change. In this series, we highlight Webby For Good winners built on WordPress. For many nonprofits, organizations and individuals WordPress’ affordability, flexibility, and scalability provide the perfect framework to spread awareness, organize, and maintain a campaign or project. 

In this segment, we highlight ‘Nation of Second Chances: Stories of Clemency.’ During his presidency, President Obama granted clemency to 1,715 non-violent drug offenders serving sentences in federal prison. Nation of Second Chances serves as a digital platform to tell their stories. The user is able to read through the stories of individuals originally given long (often life-long) sentences, serving sometimes multiples decades in prison and then granted clemency. The experience leaves you emotional and bewildered.

My hope is that these stories will change minds and hearts by demonstrating the needless hardships these people and their families endured, and the wonderful things they’re accomplishing with new found freedom. These are good people and President Obama made the right decision by giving them a second chance at life.” -Jon Perri, Creative Director

One of the most jarring aspects of the project are the visuals. High quality images and videos and powerful first-person narratives help serve the greater mission of humanizing these former prisoners. They also help display the complex, incomprehensible emotions associated with clemency. After reading one story,  the reader is infuriated, empathetic, and intrigued. One thing is for sure-you’ll want to read more.

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For more information check out the Nation of Second Chances website.

Learn more about WP Engine’s collaboration with the Webby Awards via our case study.