It’s been more than two months since the release of WordPress 5.0, and as developers and content creators have been busy familiarizing themselves with new features like the block-based Gutenberg editor, we’ve been hard at work building new themes that incorporate the functionality and flexibility this latest version of WordPress has to offer.

Today, with the release of Revolution Pro, all of those efforts are coming together. Revolution Pro is the first theme we’ve built using Genesis 2.8, and it was built from the ground up with both the core blocks found in the latest version of WordPress, as well as Atomic Blocks, the go-to source for creative, easy-to-use Gutenberg blocks that leverage the new WordPress editor.

Atomic Blocks is one of the most popular and most downloaded libraries of beautiful, responsive, and customizable blocks for WordPress 5.0. In addition to giving users the ability to quickly add great-looking elements to their web pages without touching a line of code, Atomic Blocks also offers easy options for customizing elements such as font style, body and title font sizes, content width and more.

Using the new Gutenberg post editor with Revolution Pro, developers and designers are able to create custom, reusable modules for design and content. As we continue to release new block-based themes, we hope users will find it easier to dive into their creative projects more quickly and build dynamic, great looking web pages and sites. Check out this demo of the new block editor experience using Revolution Pro:

Revolution Pro Demo Gif

We know the projects you create will vary, and while Revolution Pro is suitable for a wide array of websites, we’ve also highlighted five homepage examples as part of the Revolution Pro demo, including use cases for Agency, Lifestyle, Personal Branding, Photographer, and Small Business sites.

Additionally, the Revolution Pro theme includes custom styles that easily integrate WooCommerce and eCommerce functionality directly into the design of your website.

One-Click Theme Setup

With the release of Genesis 2.8, users can also take advantage of the One-Click Theme Setup feature, which gives them full control over the demo installation process and allows them to easily set installation dependencies, import demo content directly into their themes, import and enable plugins, and configure a wide list of additional options when creating and installing new themes on their sites.

Revolution Pro also takes advantage of One-Click Theme Setup, allowing developers to easily organize configuration information such as Gutenberg color palettes and font sizes, and improve the readability and maintainability of child themes. Check out this demo of the new One-Click Theme Setup:


Stay tuned as we continue to release new Genesis-built themes optimized to help you take advantage of the latest version of WordPress 5.0. In the meantime, check out these on-demand webinars: Gettin’ Down and Nerdy with the Genesis Framework and Embracing the Change: How to Win with Gutenberg.