Hello – I’m David Fossas, Director of Brand for WP Engine. If you’re a returning user, you may have noticed that our website has looked a bit different in the last month. Well, today we’re excited to formally announce that we have launched our new corporate website: wpengine.com. In this blog post, I’ll give a little behind the scenes look at why we decided to create a new website.

Building On Our Roots

WP Engine is seven years old. We began as a WordPress hosting company with the insight that WordPress users needed help improving the speed, scalability, and security of their websites, as well as expert service, to guide them through their most challenging WordPress questions. Over time, this same insight helped us evolve into managed WordPress hosting, taking more and more back-end “jobs” off our customers’ hands so that they could focus on creating their WordPress sites and growing their businesses.

But, the technology, marketing, and business landscape have evolved drastically in the seven years since WP Engine was founded. Audiences’ expectations from brands and the websites and apps that those brands deliver has evolved. Consequently, what marketers do to engage customers must change with digital experiences that are personalized, predictive, blazing fast, available everywhere and memorable.

This places enormous pressure on marketers and developers to design, build and launch new experiences continuously – enhancing the value of products through innovative customer experiences, personalizing offerings or content and expanding on the breadth of the customer relationship through additional touchpoints. The agility to do these things quickly and seamlessly is fundamental. Indeed, we believe that, in today’s environment, if a brand wants to win a share of wallet, they must first win a share of experience.

Building The Product Demo For WordPress and WP Engine

Thus, with our new website, we set out to build the showcase for what’s possible with WordPress and on the WP Engine platform. Indeed, we think of wpengine.com as the product demo for our platform. From UX to our component-based design system to the technology underlying our site, we aimed to show both the ART + SCIENCE of WordPress and WP Engine and to create a guide for how to build breakthrough digital experiences on WordPress.

One of our core values at WP Engine is “Aspire to lead. Committed to giving back.” With that in mind, we aspire to lead in honoring and expanding the WordPress community. While 29% of websites are already built with WordPress, most companies and users are just scratching the surface of its latest capabilities. We aim to showcase the remarkable work that the WordPress community has done in building the dominant CMS platform in the market.

Looking Forward

To that end, we’re just getting started. In a way, we see our website as a product and this release as just version 1.0. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be announcing new features that enhance our vision of ART + SCIENCE on WordPress and WP Engine, so that wpengine.com can truly be the product demo for the remarkable digital experiences you can build with WordPress on the WP Engine platform.

Want to learn more about how we approached the project? Visit our WP Engine case studies.