There has been much discussion on the fact that WooThemes suffered a security breach last week. Since we do host WooThemes we have also had a few people ask about this and wanted to give some update and context.

While we understand customers concerns about the WooThemes breach it is an incident related to a single server and not a network wide incident. Your site is still safe and we are investigating the breach with Woo and updating them as we find anything. As with all our customers it is confidential as the process is ongoing and they are providing updates as they see fit.

Having completed our initial research we found no new exploits or issues with the WP Engine platform related to or coming from this incident. We have not found any evidence of an operating system or infrastructure-level security breach, nor have we found any evidence of a breach in any WP Engine applications such as the user portal. We will continue to support the ongoing investigation.

We understand everyone wants as much information as possible, but we always strive to follow best practices. So when the matter involves a single server or customer we cannot comment on the matter due to respect and confidentiality. We appreciate your understanding as we work privately with WooThemes and look to them to provide you with further updates.