Chris Hinds, COO of Road Warrior Creative, once worked up to 89 hours per week in the food industry. However, he found the lifestyle to be unsuiting to his needs and soon left to spend more time with his family.

After leaving the food industry, Hinds (along with his wife Amber) started Road Warrior Creative, a digital agency that aims to create captivating online presences for brands through WordPress. His background in the food industry has played advantageous, as it’s helped him speak the language of possible restaurant clients and identify their pain points.

Watch Hind’s full interview below on what it’s like to transition to a career in WordPress:

Of course, Hinds isn’t the only one in the WordPress sphere that came from an untraditional tech or CMS background. The leader of the WordPress initiative at GoDaddy, Gabe Mays, learned WordPress out of a broken computer in Afghanistan and went on to host ManageWP’s AMA last week.

Additionally, there are many ways to use your personal experiences to add to the WordPress community, like Human Made’s Noel Tock, who is a global nomad and organized WordCamp Europe.

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