When it comes to creating powerful digital experiences, WordPress and specifically WordPress themes by StudioPress are relied on by thousands of designers and agencies as the optimal way to build beautiful, secure, and future-proof websites.  

But what about integrating those sites with best-in-class marketing tools? Today’s digital experiences need a simple solution that can incorporate multiple aspects of marketing automation without relying on dozens of plugins or integrations across the martech stack.  

The HubSpot plugin for WordPress, which integrates HubSpot’s top-rated marketing, sales, and customer service software with WordPress, is a great way for WordPress users to grow their email lists, generate leads, and manage contacts inside HubSpot’s free contact database (CRM).

Today, we’re taking that integration a step further with the release of Revolution Pro with HubSpot, the first block-based StudioPress Theme that features HubSpot’s powerful marketing automation plugin preloaded into the theme itself. By combining the power of HubSpot’s software with our premium WordPress themes, WP Engine is arming marketers and content creators with a two-for-one punch that makes it easy for them to build great-looking websites and effectively capture the leads those sites generate.  

Revolution Pro with HubSpot, which was built from the ground up using WordPress 5.0, integrates HubSpot’s plugin features natively into the existing Revolution Pro theme. In the theme demo, users are able to see how they can use HubSpot across their site, specifically with regards to chat functions, popup banners, and email forms. Additionally, users are able to get the most out of the core blocks found in the latest version of WordPress, as well as Atomic Blocks—the go-to source for dynamic, easy-to-use Gutenberg blocks that leverage the new WordPress editor.

The theme also taps into the capabilities of Genesis 2.9, including an improved One-Click Theme Setup, which gives users full control over the demo installation process and allows them to easily set installation dependencies, import demo content directly into their themes, import and enable plugins, and configure a wide list of additional options when creating and installing new themes on their sites.

This feature also lets developers easily organize configuration information such as Gutenberg color palettes and font sizes, and improve the readability and maintainability of child themes.

Check out this demo of One-Click Theme Setup to find out more:

To get started, WP Engine customers can download the Revolution Pro with HubSpot theme from the user portal and use the One-Click Theme Setup to configure their site with the HubSpot Plugin activated. Once that’s done, users can take full advantage of the features in HubSpot and see those changes in their WordPress Admin dashboard.

*note: Users will need to create or enter their existing HubSpot account information

Combining all of these features into a single theme allows users to quickly and easily begin building web pages that draw on StudioPress’ capabilities as well as leverage some of HubSpot’s most-used lead capture tools like forms, live chat, and an integrated free contact database (CRM). All of these features work immediately with no developer help needed. See below for a full list of HubSpot features:

  • Forms: Easily create WordPress contact forms with HubSpot’s drag and drop form builder.
  • Dashboard: A central hub for your marketing analytics. Learn which forms, popups, and live chat modules are getting the most submissions and which pages and traffic sources are driving the most conversions.
  • Popups: Add a user-friendly popup form to your WordPress website using HubSpot’s form builder.
  • Live Chat: Add a live chat widget to your WordPress site so visitors can chat with you.
  • Simple Email Automation: Send an automated email whenever someone fills out a form or a popup, or when they send a message on live chat.
  • WordPress CRM: A single simple database for contact management.
  • Integrations: Easily connect to MailChimp, Shopify, Magento, and more third-party martech tools.

The theme and plugin also offer access to HubSpot Academy, a free online educational resource that offers online training including courses, projects, certifications, and software training.

Revolution Pro with HubSpot is also a result of WP Engine’s ongoing innovation with a growing list of best-in-class marketing partners. By partnering with HubSpot on this version of Revolution Pro, we are able to provide new tools to marketers and developers they simply cannot find elsewhere.

Our hope is that users will reap the benefits of Revolution Pro with HubSpot to reduce the amount of time it takes them to implement new themes or websites. The ease of setup for the theme and HubSpot capabilities means they can build great-looking sites fast, and employ the functionality of HubSpot without additional time and resources.

Stay tuned—this theme is the first of more to come as part of our partnership with HubSpot. In the meantime, check out these on-demand webinars that offer more information about building websites with StudioPress’ Genesis Framework and the new WordPress 5.0 post editor, Gutenberg: Gettin’ Down and Nerdy with the Genesis Framework and Embracing the Change: How to Win with Gutenberg.