Here’s a little-known fact: before Shark Tank was the massive TV hit we all know, it was a Canadian television program called Dragon’s Den, and it included only two members of the cast who are on the show today—Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec.

The latter—who in addition to his position on Shark Tank is the founder and CEO of the Herjavec Group, one of Canada’s fastest-growing technology companies—was the keynote speaker at WP Engine’s all-virtual Summit/2020, which took place last week. In what ended up being one of the most compelling keynotes in WP Engine Summit history, Herjavec spoke about all things Shark Tank, his own ups and downs in business and beyond, as well as the inspiring story of his family’s journey to North America, and the lessons he was imbued with from that experience.

The entire 30-minute keynote is available here for one day only on June 17, and it’s well worth the watch. Herjavec’s behind-the-scenes stories from Shark Tank are both funny and motivating, and the personal breakthroughs he details are nothing short of inspirational. 

Herjavec also took part in a moderated conversation with WP Engine CMO Mary Ellen Dugan, in which the two take a dive deep into emerging technology trends and the rapid digital transformation that’s occurring all around us. That full discussion will be available here, beginning June 17, for two weeks, and it’s a must-see session for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and business. 

Make sure and check out the keynote, and find additional on-demand Summit sessions here, where you can learn more about WP Engine and the amazing digital experiences we help our customers build on WordPress every day.