Today we are very pleased to announce our first release of our new User Portal Activity Log! This feature, a common request from many of our customers, allows you to track up to 90 days of common activities performed in the WP Engine User Portal. This provides valuable insights into who is performing what actions in the User Portal via an easy-to-use auditing mechanism.

The following activities are now being logged and available for review in the WP Engine User Portal:

User and Account Management

  • Addition and deletion of users
  • User logins to portal
  • User account access level changes
  • SFTP user addition, modification, and deletion
  • Git user addition and deletion
  • Account Plan changes (upgrades and downgrades)

Install Management

  • Install creation and deletion
  • Install transfers (transfers out and incoming accepted transfers)
  • Addition, removal, and updates to the password protection of an install
  • Creation, restoration, and downloads of backup snapshots
  • Deferrals of WordPress updates for a particular install
  • Cache purges
  • Addition, modification, and deletion of domains
  • Addition, modification, and deletion of redirect rules

To access the User Portal Activity Log, simply click on the “Users” tab in the portal and then click “Activity Log” on the left-hand pane underneath “Technical Contacts.”

Account owners will be able to see all activity across the account, users with “full” permissions will be able to see all install related activity, and users with “partial” permissions will only be able to see activity related to the installs they have access to.

As demonstrated below, the Activity Log allows for easy filtering, sorting and searching of logged items. Additionally, the logs can be downloaded with one-click, at any time.

New Feature: User Portal Activity Log

New Feature: User Portal Activity Log

New Feature: User Portal Activity Log

We’re just getting started with our Activity Log feature set and we plan to add more logged actions soon. Which actions from the User Portal would you like to see us add next? Leave us a note in the comments below!

Keep on ‘pressing!

Andrei Matei
Product Manager