WP Engine has some big plans for SXSW 2018. Although the world-renowned festival for music, film, and technology might seem like it’s centuries away, it’s never too early to start prepping for the epic panel discussions and speeches to come.

WP Engine has seen a lot of growth in the past year; our executives have a lot to share about the exhilarating world of tech. For 2018, WP Engine has submitted for a whopping eight panels and solo speeches. Anybody can vote for one or all of them using SXSW’s Panel Picker (you can vote April 7th through 25th).

This year we are particularly excited about a women-led panel featuring three of our fierce female execs speaking on women in leadership.  Founder & CTO, Jason Cohen, will participate in a panel dissecting the fate of blogging. CEO Heather Brunner will discuss ongoing research about digital experiences for different generations. April Downing, WP Engine’s CFO, will provide insight CFOs need to navigate new opportunities and responsibilities. WP Engine’s CMO Mary Ellen Dugan will shed light on the importance of emotionally-driven content. Senior Director Monica Cravotta will advise women on embodying the best versions of themselves. Finally, David Fossas, our Director of Brand, is up for two discussions: a speech about how brands can continue to thrive in a purpose-driven environment and a panel discussing the future of recruiting in the tech space.

Check out some of the links below for more details on our submitted SXSW panels and discussions. Create a Panel Picker account and get voting for WP Engine—you won’t be disappointed!

WP Engine’s SXSW 2018 Panel Picker Lineup:

The Outlier: The Women-Led Scale-Up 

In this talk, WP Engine woman execs Heather Brunner (CEO), Mary Ellen Dugan (CMO), and Annette Alexander (CPO) along with Melinda Garvey, Founder and Publisher at Austin Women Magazine, will make an argument for women in executive roles. They’ll talk about their experience being female executives in the fast-paced tech environment.

Your Digital Experience is Now Your Human Experience 

WP Engine has partnered with the Center for Generational Kinetics to investigate the differences in online experiences for Generation Z, Millenials, and Boomers. WP Engine CEO Heather Brunner will shed light on findings and digital experiences have a lot to do with human experience.

Is Blogging Dead?

The panel featuring WP Engine Founder Jason Cohen, Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo and Founder at AppSumo, Brad Coffey, the CSO at HubSpot and Brian Clark, the Founder and CEO at Rainmaker Digital, will discuss blogging in the world of shortening attention spans. They’ll help you answer the question: is blogging even relevant anymore?

Why My Next HIre Will Be An Emotional Analyst 

Mary Ellen Dugan, WP Engine’s CMO, will speak about the importance of emotionally driven content. She’ll discuss the reasons behind emotional marketing and the difference it can make for ROI. Emotional Analysts, she’ll argue, are the next big roles for marketing departments.

A CFO’s Guide To Go Big and Go Global

April Downing, the CFO at WP Engine, is no stranger to the shifting roles of CFOs. She’ll offer a guide to other CFOs on how to navigate new responsibilities such as overseeing people operations and talent acquisition.

7 Life Hacks to Playing Your Biggest Shero Game 

Monica Cravotta, Senior Director of Marketing at WP Engine, will discuss her journey from stay-at-home mom to corporate executive. She’ll offer advice to women on how to never undersell yourself, countering subconscious self-sabotage, and embodying the best version of yourself.

Do You Have the Talent For Tomorrow?

Will machine learning threaten existing job opportunities in technology? David Fossas, the Director of Brand at WP Engine, will participate in a panel discussing the future of hiring for fast-growing, technology-enabled companies. Companies will get some insight about how to shift their employee landscape and stay ahead.

How Modern Brands Thrive & Grow in Purpose Economy 

Technological innovation and socioeconomic shifts have given rise to successful companies with unique and unanticipated business models. Nowadays, the traditional corporate strategy is outdated and inefficient. David Fossas, Director of Brand at WP Engine, talks about adapting to a generation of purpose-driven people and making your brand thrive.

Voting ends August 25th! Cast your vote now!