Built specifically to drive growth at scale for larger businesses, WP Engine marks a key product milestone today with the launch of our new WooCommerce hosting solutions for large and high-value eCommerce stores. 

The new eCommerce offerings include:

  • Vastly-improved product search experience (ElasticPress)
  • Highly-optimized and managed dedicated WordPress server environments
  • Easy, customizable WooCommerce site building tools
  • AI-assisted automatic plugin updates
  • Additional features specifically designed to create a faster, more secure, scalable, and higher-converting experience for eCommerce sites hosted on WP Engine

Contact a WP Engine account specialist for details and pricing on our new dedicated WooCommerce hosting solutions for large and high-value eCommerce stores.

The growth challenges of large and high-value eCommerce stores.

Over the past year, WP Engine’s Product & Engineering organization performed eCommerce customer and agency interviews to identify challenges faced by WooCommerce store owners as their eCommerce business has grown. 

Two key challenges that emerged throughout these interviews were: 

  • The need for design and development teams to constantly optimize their eCommerce shopping experience in order to drive growth at scale. 
  • The need for a performant and high-converting digital experience for masses of shoppers as stores grow.

The pressure to constantly optimize eCommerce stores and drive growth at scale has marketing, design, and development teams yearning for better tools to build and deploy new shopping experiences.

Developers are increasingly looking for ways to scale their work by enabling marketing managers with the ability to deploy new landing pages, A/B tests, and campaigns without the need for help from a designer or developer, yet within their brand and technical guidelines.

Additionally, as stores grow, the development and business teams operating those stores become ever more diligent about ensuring solid security practices, overall website performance, and performance at scale.

These strategies are critical to reducing risk for their businesses and ensuring the shopping experience is fast and high-converting for the store at all times. Development teams often struggle with delivering these benefits AND focusing on strategies to improve the landing pages, search experience, and checkout process of the store itself.

Addressing growth challenges with new solutions for WooCommerce. 

WP Engine’s new WooCommerce hosting solutions for large and high-value eCommerce stores are specifically designed to address the challenges faced by development, design, and business teams as stores grow. Provided as all-in-one dedicated hosting packages, these solutions provide an incredible return on price-to-value.

WP Engine’s new WooCommerce hosting solutions include:

  • Up to an 18% increase in sales with a vastly-improved, high-converting product search experience through WP Engine’s Instant Store Search feature (powered by ElasticPress).
  • Up to 40% faster compute-optimized and managed dedicated WordPress server environments to help ensure security and website performance at scale. Includes fast developer workflows and security-boosting features like managed WordPress and PHP updates.
  • Easy, 100% customizable WooCommerce site building tools including optional Genesis theme and block-building tools that provide powerful ways for both developers and non-technical marketers to build faster. Build a totally custom content experience with your development team or use our DIY-friendly “no code” store building tools, which non-technical users can leverage without the help of a developer.
  • Keep your store secure with AI-assisted, customizable automatic plugin updates. Plugin updates are checked with automated visual regression testing specifically designed for WooCommerce to help ensure critical plugin security and feature updates aren’t creating problems for your store.
  • Access to powerful site building and management tools available on the WP Engine platform including, but not limited to local WordPress development and deployment through Local, automatic/on-demand backups, PHP version testing tools, and award-winning 24×7 expert support that is 100% focused on helping WordPress sites succeed.

Overall, WP Engine’s new WooCommerce hosting solutions for large and high-value eCommerce stores allow store owners to create and manage a stunning, agile, and high-converting eCommerce experience for their shoppers. This includes a platform that’s optimized specifically for WordPress, coupled with features designed to increase development team velocity and overall store sales by providing a performant and high-converting shopping experience.

The leader in eCommerce, built on the leading platform for WordPress.

WP Engine is committed to supporting WooCommerce store owners both large and small. According to BuiltWith, WooCommerce powers 29% of all eCommerce sites on the Internet, making WooCommerce the most popular way to build an eCommerce site. Other eCommerce platforms don’t even come close to that market share.

This combination of WordPress, the most popular way to build any type of site, and WooCommerce, the most broadly used plugin for eCommerce, is a powerful combination for SMB owners. 

That’s why WP Engine, the fastest WordPress hosting platform for WordPress as well as the most popular, hosts more WordPress sites among the top 10 million than any other WordPress vendor. We’re proud to introduce our eCommerce solution bringing the best of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Elasticsearch together. 

Contact a WP Engine account specialist for details and pricing on our new WooCommerce hosting solutions for large & high-value eCommerce stores.