Texas A&M AgriLife oversees five agencies in the Texas A&M University System and helps them extend their information on the web. Each agency has its own unique web environment and different needs across hundreds of websites.


When its previous CMS became a challenge to manage, Texas A&M AgriLife moved to WordPress, and then to the managed WordPress hosting platform from WP Engine.

Now, Texas A&M AgriLife manages hundreds of websites with WP Engine multisite, which Web Production Manager Travis Ward said gives end users choice, while allowing his team to maintain control.

“Multisite provides a certain amount of control and gives users choice,” Ward said. “The end users have a lot of options, but at the same time, they’re not going to have their own install and their own plugins, which may not work as well together as the ones that we’ve chosen.”

With WP Engine multisite, Texas A&M AgriLife saves time and money, and relieves the strain on the organization’s already thin resources, Ward said.

“WP Engine provides an excellent value for us and the number of sites we have. It’s a reliable platform that allows us to better serve our growing number of internal customers,” he said.

To read more about how Texas A&M AgriLife leverages WP Engine multisite, check out the full case study.

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