Imagine this: your company has the moment that any entrepreneur in the music business dreams of – Sir Paul McCartney tweets about your website to his more than 2 million followers. While this should be a day to celebrate, for The Vinyl District’s Jon Meyers, it was the day when he finally screamed HELP! I need somebody HELP!

In December of 2012, The Vinyl District (an homage to the vinyl medium and a record store advocate and locator) got a major break. They were set to work with Paul McCartney to release his archive collections. On what should have been the most successful day for The Vinyl District, the site came crashing down.

When Paul shared a link to The Vinyl District, the site experienced an incredible traffic spike and simply couldn’t keep up. Instead of capitalizing on what should have been an incredible moment, Jon felt like “years of hard work were wasted.”

Jon knew this could not happen again. He needed a solution that provided tremendous customer experience while helping his site optimally scale. He was looking for consistency with an emphasis on customer service. WP Engine fit the bill to a T.

Over the two years since The Vinyl District became a WP Engine customer, Jon has noticed a significant difference. With their previous hosting company, a traffic spike would lead to downtime. WP Engine, on the other hand, constantly works to ensure the site is running fast, is secure, and can scale during high-traffic events.

Jon said that when The Vinyl District recently experienced a major traffic spike, WP Engine reached out proactively and was working to ensure the site would scale before Jon even noticed the increase in visits.

Because of this positive experience, The Vinyl District is currently working with WP Engine to completely overhaul their site, set to launch in 2016.

“So far, we have had a seamless migration of a site and experienced incredible customer service,” said Jon. And who says you can’t buy me love.

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