Austin, TX is the city that WP Engine proudly calls home. With a rapidly growing tech community, an abundance of local music, and the best breakfast tacos in the nation, we all love the chosen location of our company’s headquarters. In fact, it would be hard to imagine WP Engine’s festive “All Hands” week in any other city!


WP Engine has grown from 40 to 150+ employees in just this last year, so inevitably some changes are necessary to accommodate that growth. With over 140 employees in our Austin office, a handful in our San Francisco office, and a few distributed employees around the country, WP Engine is excited to announce that we are now expanding into a new city with an office of its own: San Antonio!

WP Engine’s San Antonio office will be up and running in August, starting with 8 new employees, in the new Geekdom in San Antonio’s Rand Building. With plans for continued expansion, the office will be comprised of around 20 employees by the end of 2014. And the growth won’t stop there! We estimate that 50-70 positions will be available in the San Antonio branch by the end of 2015.

Why San Antonio?

As explained by Nick Daines, Senior Director of Customer Care:


I want to have a full support team in San Antonio. It is very realistic to say that we would like 20 people by the end of the year; San Antonio has so much technical talent. There are so many like-minded companies from a cultural and technology perspective. Geekdom is here, and is also attracting technical companies and technical talent. So this was a very easy decision for us and we look forward to being a part of this ecosystem.

San Antonio is a natural fit for a rapidly growing tech company. Over the past few years, there has been a strong push for the attraction of startups and emerging companies to come to San Antonio. These initiatives have been wildly successful as dozens of tech companies, both big and small, have been moving there.

WP Engine considered several cities before deciding on San Antonio including Houston, Dallas, and Phoenix. Heather Brunner, CEO, shared with the Rivard Report:

If you look at the cities that are really successful today in terms of creating jobs and attracting businesses to them, San Antonio, like Austin, is winning.

There are several community and business leaders who are committed to creating a technology incubation and innovation center in San Antonio downtown, and we would like to tap into that and be a part of that.

Are we hiring?

Yes, we are! WP Engine has already posted job openings in San Antonio. We are looking to hire several level 1 and 2 customer experience techs.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.02.31 PMNow that we’ve got you in the San Antonio mindset, here are a few facts to get to know San Antonio; the newest home to a WP Engine branch:

• Home of the most popular attraction in Texas, The Alamo

• 3rd fastest growing city, and 7th largest city, in the nation

• Ranked as the most affordable city in Texas for both occupants and visitors

• Home to the 7th largest zoo in the US

WP Engine is so excited about expanding to our neighboring city. We can’t wait to get all moved in and start working!