Each year, the Austin Business Journal polls local companies to understand how employees feel about their lives at work. The survey focuses on company culture, personal career growth potential, employee empowerment, and work satisfaction.

For 2014, WP Engine made the #2 spot in the medium-sized company category!

I’ve been a Sales Engineer at WP Engine for about a year and a half and I’m absolutely thrilled with this news. Being part of the WP Engine team has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career to date. I have the opportunity to do what I love at work every single day, all while being part of an organization which truly cares about our customers and employees equally.

In our rapid growth phase over the last several months, our leadership team has consistently focused on ensuring that we scale ourselves in ways which retain the same culture, enthusiasm, and values that we had when we were a smaller startup. Now, with over 170 employees (WP Engine had around 30 folks when I started), the energy and passion hasn’t diminished at all. Actually quite the opposite is happening—it’s accelerating.

Thinking back to my first day at WP Engine, I remember being greeted with a “welcome home” from over half of the team members. After a bit of initial confusion, it only took a few days to understand what they meant. The culture and vibe here at WP Engine is so special. We truly put customers first, as many companies try to do, but we never make excuses. We always push ourselves harder, we always support each other, and we are a big family. I feel empowered to accelerate forward in my work every single day with smart, dedicated, and helpful teammates by my side. I’ve never worked in a company with such a cohesive and actively engaged team, all focused towards a common goal.

I’m very pleased that WP Engine has received this recognition and I feel honored that we are listed alongside so many other great Austin companies.

We’re continuing to grow and we’re hiring a lot! We’d love to talk with you!

dreAndrei Matei has spent the last 11 years in the IT industry with a specific focus in the web hosting and emerging technology spaces. As a Sales Engineer, Andrei is passionate about matching customer needs with cool technical solutions, and doing so in a way which everyone can understand, not just the super-geeks. Andrei also has a passion for technical marketing, product management, and technical training and occasionally assists in those realms at WP Engine when not SE’ing. Outside of work, Andrei is an avid mountain-biker, music nerd, and occasional DJ.