AUSTIN—Oct. 5, 2021 — WP Engine, the world’s most trusted WordPress technology company, today announced the launch of Headless WordPress Content Modeler (ACM), a free WordPress plugin to create custom post types and fields for Headless WordPress sites. ACM integrates seamlessly with WPGraphQL, replacing the need for three separate plugins required to create content models for headless sites.  

“Creating custom content models is one of the first things you need to do in any digital transformation project, because it’s the glue between the marketers who create and manage content and the website developers who consume that content,” said Jason Cohen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at WP Engine. “This shouldn’t be hard to do! That’s why we developed the Headless WordPress Content Modeler. We want to simplify and accelerate WordPress development by giving developers a beautifully designed, intuitive tool that takes care of their content modeling needs in one open source plugin.” 

An All-In-One Solution

Custom content modeling is a critical task for every enterprise WordPress project, however, WordPress doesn’t have this feature as part of its core content management system (CMS), which is a frustrating developer experience. Additionally, custom content modeling today requires multiple WordPress plugins, and content modeling for Headless WordPress often involves using an extension to WPGraphQL, all of which results in a confusing, error-prone development process. There’s also the additional frustration that content modeling plugins for WordPress are not as well-designed or as user-friendly as the native modeling tools for headless-first CMSs. 

Benefits of Headless WordPress Content Modeler

ACM makes the creation of custom content models effortless and enjoyable in the following ways:

  • 3 tools in 1 – Create custom post types and fields in WordPress, and integrate it with WPGraphQL for headless projects in a single package. ACM standardizes a development team’s toolset in one plugin for content modeling. 
  • Easy to use – Design matters. There’s no reason a developer tool should be poorly designed or hard to use. The plugin is intuitive enough to use right away, and WP Engine provides documentation for more advanced features.
  • Advanced fields, by default – ACM enables developers to go beyond simple text fields. Developers can create schemas that include Rich Text, Media, Numbers, Dates, Boolean and Relationship data fields.
  • Define relationships between content models – ACM comes with the ability to define relationships between content models, which adds both structure and meaning to content. With ACM, developers or content editors can also connect individual entries to each other. 
  • Create custom taxonomies – With ACM, developers can define taxonomies that help their content producers organize their content in a flexible manner.
  • Easy-to-use publisher experience – ACM automatically creates edit screens that empower content producers to begin publishing structured content immediately.

The Headless WordPress Toolset

ACM joins WPGraphQL, a free, open source WordPress plugin that provides an extendable GraphQL schema and API for any WordPress site, and Faust.js, the open source, front-end framework for building Headless WordPress sites as a member of WP Engine’s Headless WordPress toolset.

While Faust enables you to query WordPress content without writing GraphQL queries, ACM exposes that data through WPGraphQL by default, without an additional plugin or configuration step. When used together, the development experience is not just simpler than alternative ways to build headless sites, but also easier than building the same templates and models with classic WordPress.  

For more information about the Headless WordPress Content Modeler, click here.

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