- The WordPress News Core

Good morning from WordCamp San Francisco!

Today, WP Engine is very excited to announce the launch of a new WordPress publication,, The WordPress News Core. Torque is a new, editorially independent magazine for WordPress news. Torque is edited by Michelle Oznowicz, who will guide the vision of the publication.

The vision for Torque is contained in Michelle’s letter to the editor on the front page of From her post:
“WordPress has touched nearly every internet user and changed the lives of countless engineers, writers, and entrepreneurs. WordPress is our shared backbone. The Business of WordPress is thriving and continues to grow rapidly. We believe it’s time that professionals inside and outside the WordPress Community have a reliable and lasting news resource. This is exactly what we are offering with Torque.”
Also included in TorqueMag are the complete archives of WP Daily, which shut down suddenly on July 10th. Preparations and work were well underway for Torque at the time. When we heard the news, we knew that it was important that the content of WP Daily be archived and made available for the Community. Every post is contained in the category for WP Daily Archives.

Torque will maintain editorial independence as a publication. The purpose of the magazine is to connect the rapidly growing WordPress community, from the core “family” of us who attend WordCamps together, to the millions of people who produce and consume content on the nearly 70 Million WordPress sites on the web.

[The] vision for Torque includes a fierce sense of editorial independence. We are published by WP Engine, but I was brought on from the outside in order to spearhead and manage an autonomous publication, not to promote a brand. Torque will not shy away from controversy. Instead, when we feature biased or opinionated pieces, we will always try to represent both sides of an issue.

Please visit for the first round of articles, and to read the letter to the editor: Michelle is interested in hearing from potential contributors as well. You can email Michelle at [email protected] with your pitches!