For the first time ever, WP Engine has been named a Great Place to Work for Women. Great Place to Work, an organization that surveys more than 100 million global employees each year in order to recognize outstanding workplaces, released its annual list of workplaces that rank highest among females employees. We are proud to announce that WP Engine has ranked 22nd on the list for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the U.S.  

It’s no secret that women have long encountered economic and experiential disparity in the workplace. This is especially prevalent in the technology sector, where women have historically been underrepresented. Creating a workplace where women are well-represented speaks volumes about an organization’s pursuit of diversity and equality.  

According to Great Place to Work, even some workplaces that rank highly for the overall workplace experience, report a high “experience gap” between male and female employees. At companies that rank as great places to work for women, that experience gap is much less apparent. Additionally, compared to companies with a larger gender experience gap, companies that rank as a Best Place to Work for Women report smaller disparities in survey results for employees of color, LGBT team members, and millennials

Great Place to Work analyzed each organization’s performance based on a 60-question Trust Index survey about their workplace, and how fairly those experiences compare to men’s reports of the same workplaces. Women who rate their workplaces favorably trust the people they work for, take pride in what they do, and experience camaraderie with their colleagues. 

To maintain diversity and avoid inequality and gender imbalances, WP Engine takes a less traditional approach to recruitment and hiring. Instead of hiring based on educational prerequisites or experience, WP Engine emphasizes a match for skills and culture. Additionally, the WP Engine engineering department conducts blind interviews in an effort to reduce biases during recruitment. After an employee has been hired, performance is the chief negotiator. Hard work equates to growth, regardless of gender.

“WP Engine is such an inclusive organization! I can honestly say that I personally feel valued for my contributions to the organization because I’m a woman, not despite the fact that I’m a woman.”

Jeannette Grand, Sr. Manager, Demand Generation 

WP Engine’s Sheroes, a group whose mission is to inspire women in technology to own their paths to professional and personal successes, holds regular meetups, panels, events, and discussions. 

“WP Engine doesn’t just make it easier to balance being a working mom, they make it easier to balance being a working parent. When your male coworkers and leaders have the ability to leave early for daycare, pickups, and soccer games and vocally take those opportunities, it leaves space for women in the office to do so too. Moms and dads at WPE know they won’t be penalized for not being in the office and taking time to take care of their families.”

April Neal, Senior Software Engineer

“At WP Engine, every voice is heard. Senior managers, interns, men, women, everyone. The culture fosters an incredibly collaborative environment, and one in which it’s encouraged for all to share ideas at the table. That energy has inspired confidence and growth in me personally, and I believe it encourages those who are perhaps more timid to step into the spotlight.”

Carley Thompson, Brand Manager

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