The technology industry is well-known for its new-age and opulent work environments-flexible dress codes, ping-pong tables, free swag and a dream snack closet. However, great perks aren’t the end-all of a great work environment. A lot of work goes into facilitating a work environment that is both productive and enjoyable. To quantify satisfaction at work, Great Places To Work surveyed more than 79,000 employees from technology companies across the United States. We are excited to announce that WP Engine has been awarded the #9 best place to work in technology in the Small & Medium category for 2018! For more information on this achievement, check us out in Fortune Magazine!

WP Engine employees pose during All-hands, a biannual event where all employees come together to discuss ideas and get to know each other.

To determine the winners, Great Places To Work analyzed each companies’ performance on 50 strategically designed survey questions distributed to employees. These questions were written to access whether their organization is consistently a great place to work for all people. Some workplace characteristics that were analyzed included trust among colleagues, respect and fairness, and the ability for executives to facilitate opportunities for all employees.

Other considerations included communication, professional development, and recognition related to innovation while on the job. The ranking also accounted for the share of women, people of color, Baby Boomers and LGBT individuals experiencing innovation in the workplace.

WP Engine’s core values include aspiring to lead: committed to giving back, built to last, where the best get better, customer-inspired, and do the right thing.

“Not only is WP Engine located in the heart of downtown Austin, but this organization is filled with extremely intelligent and inspiring people. Every person is passionate about what they do, eager to help on projects and trying to make a positive impact on the customers we serve. WP Engine is like no other company I have ever worked for and I am proud to work here.” -Alex Loeffelman, SMB Acquisition Sales

CEO, Heather Brunner, poses with WP Engine employee Dustin Howes after he wins the WP Engine Supercharged culture award for embodying WP Engine’s core values.

“WP Engine is a great place to work because employees are seen as people and not “headcount”. You’re given room to grow and contribute in a meaningful way rather than being pressured to gain quick wins. This is evidenced by the thoughtfulness that goes into our training programs and the level of trust senior leadership offers to their people.” – Justin Platt, Agency Account Executive

“For the first time in my career, I have an executive team that is 60% female. Our executives put emphasis in the importance of diversity of all kinds. They lead by example within our company and our community, which has created a welcoming culture within WP Engine. Knowing that I am surrounded by people at all levels who value ALL people removes the doubt and uncertainty that I have felt at other companies. It gives me the freedom to be me and to know that others value me for exactly who I am.I can focus on doing my job to the best of my abilities and know that hard work will be recognized.” -Jessica Underbrink, Director of Engineering