Today, over a hundred companies celebrated the Day of Understanding,  a daylong discussion on understanding within each of their respective companies in order to further embrace difference in our organizations, educate employees, and build more inclusive cultures inside and outside the workplace.

WP Engine was proud to take part in this event sponsored by the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. Each company was encouraged to customize the events during the day according to the needs, nature, and geography of its workplace. At WP Engine, multiple company-wide workshops were held in which employees discussed unconscious biases, blind spots, and steps towards greater inclusion.

Diversity has long been an important topic for WP Engine. CEO Heather Brunner often says “diversity attracts diversity.” This means that as a company naturally attracts and retains diverse talent, that diversity is sustained from the inside by employee referrals. Ultimately, the customer values and respects that the team they are working with is diverse and inclusive. However, the path toward total diversity and inclusion has to be ongoing. The Day of Understanding helped to supercharge that by facilitating sometimes difficult conversations about biases, stereotypes, and perspective.