WP Engine is turning Omaha into our new Homaha, and in an effort to give back to the community that’s been so welcoming to us, we decided to become a sponsor of Maha Music Festival!

We had a blast at our sponsor booth filling up beach balls for the crowd, chowing down on some local food, and enjoying the entertainment. The highlight of the night, though, was taking our team onstage to introduce WP Engine to Omaha and get the crowd geared up for GRAMMY award-winning artist Thundercat!

A man and a woman smile while attending daytime events at Maha Music Festival
WP Engine employees enjoy the daytime entertainment from our sponsor booth

The following includes a paraphrased version of our official introduction to Omaha which we shared on the main stage. We love this city, and we’re excited to uncover new ways to engage with our community and enhance The Good Life.

We’ll set the scene for you. It’s Saturday night. You’ve just eaten a turkey leg and grabbed a drink before making your way to the front of the crowd. From the back of the WP Engine stage, a group of people—clearly not a band—appears, and a man in glasses takes the mic.

WP Engine employees on stage at night during Maha Music Festival
Employees take to the main stage to introduce WP Engine and Thundercat!

“I’m Phil with WP Engine,” he states matter of factly. “Today we inflated about a thousand beach balls, and we’d love to see them all bouncing around for Thundercat!”

“At WP Engine we run a little thing called the entire internet. Technically, there’s a platform that’s great for people who like to make cool and creative things called WordPress, and those websites make up about 40% of the internet. And for those millions of sites, more people trust WP Engine than any other company. 

“Why?” he goes on to explain. “Because we’ll let you build a demo site on your desktop for free with our Local tool. We’ll help small businesses and design shops focus on the things they’re good at: making cool, creative stuff without having to worry about the boring frustrating behind the scenes stuff.

“Like my shirt says, we power the freedom to create. We power digital artists and the freedom to create amazing design. We power some of the biggest magazines and newspapers worldwide. And we’re doing it all right from the heart of downtown

“While we power such a huge slice of the internet that it’s hard to even imagine, it’s our local friends who we’re most passionate about empowering. So, we brought some stuff up here that we’d like to give to the audience. 

“Some of these people host their websites with us—some of them are just locals we love!”

An audience member's view of the main stage at night during Maha Music Festival
A night view of the WP Engine stage

The team proceeded to toss small items—and gift cards deceptively dressed up as small items—into the crowd.

Gifts included t-shirts from Made in Omaha, vinyl records from Homers, and gift cards to local favorites like Kros Strain, Clean Slate, Block 16, Coneflower Creamery, and Archetype Coffee

After that, we were out of presents (aside from the hundreds of beach balls still in the crowd), but we weren’t done just yet. Our team closed out their speech with a call to action for the creatives of Omaha: Come work with us!

We’re looking for new employees to fill positions all over the globe, including right here in the Cornhusker state. Our team is on the hunt for people who can help us build the next generation of incredible experiences on WordPress. Whether you’re creating tools, providing support, or tracking down the customers who need them, we’ll help you be your best self here.

A WP Engine employee bats around a beach ball at Maha Music Festival
A WP Engine employee helps fuel the fun at Maha

Visit our careers page and come create something amazing with us. Our office in the historic Ashton building in north downtown just got finished and furnished, and we hope you’ll enjoy it on your first day at WP Engine!