WP Engine Summit/2020 is just around the corner, and if you still haven’t registered for our signature, Digital Breakthrough event, make sure and sign up now— registration is free!

Like so many events that have moved online due to concerns surrounding Covid-19, this year’s conference was designed as a completely virtual event, full of informative sessions with industry experts and WordPress community leaders that you can experience from the comfort of your own home/office/wherever you may be. 

Now in its fifth year, WP Engine’s annual summit continues to serve as an excellent opportunity for developers and marketers to discover new technologies, learn more about the latest trends in open source, break down cutting-edge research, uncover agency best practices, and explore a wide range of ways they can accelerate their businesses online. 

This year is no exception—the day-long agenda consists of keynotes and breakout sessions for agencies and brands delivered as a mix of live-streamed and on-demand content. You’ll also have access to product demos, live chat with WP Engine experts, and creative networking opportunities.

Robert Herjavec, founder & CEO of cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group and a leading investor on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, will present this year’s guest keynote, which will focus on the inspirations for his personal and professional breakthrough moments. 

Check out the full agenda for more information, as well as these previews of our other keynote sessions: 

Seize the Opportunity to Breakthrough

The digital experience has become the human experience, and it spans every generation. As businesses around the world lean into digital, WP Engine CEO and Chairwoman Heather Brunner, will discuss current market trends and the unprecedented breakthrough opportunity for digital experience creators to build their best digital experiences yet, and help businesses of all sizes press ahead.

Accelerate Your Digital Business

Like never before, businesses of all sizes have to adapt quickly, sometimes just to get online. Others need to innovate faster and engage with customers in new ways while confronting new economic pressures. WP Engine’s founder and CTO Jason Cohen, together with senior leaders from WP Engine’s product organization, will discuss how WordPress and WP Engine are uniquely poised to deliver on this demand in 2020.

Performance and User Experience for the Web of Tomorrow

Join Google Product Manager Mariya Moeva as she discusses the future of the web and the important role privacy and speed play in fostering quality user experiences. Learn about tools like AMP, Site Kit, and Web Stories for WordPress, all of which you can use to better assess and advance the performance of your WordPress site.

Adapting to a New Reality with Creative Technology 

As businesses forge ahead in this new, digital reality, there are lessons to be learned from those who made bold moves before us—particularly the makers, agencies, and brands who courageously harnessed the Internet early-on, to change the way advertising is done. make|SHIFT, a full-length documentary released by WP Engine dives into the history of modern advertising and showcases the role that creative technology played in its evolution. Join WP Engine CMO Mary Ellen Dugan as she moderates a panel discussion with select cast members from the film.

The above are just a few of the sessions you’ll see during WP Engine Summit 2020. Register for free today and join us on June 10th for our best Digital Breakthrough event yet!