Hello there, my name is Shayda Torabi and I am the Events Coordinator here at WP Engine and we’re proud to support women growing WordPress related businesses. It’s really cool to be able to give back to something bigger than just my team or me, and when the opportunity to be a part of and help 1k + women get situated with WordPress, we just couldn’t say no.

People use WordPress to build an online business, to share their thoughts and secrets, to document their journeys and to be in community with hundreds and thousands of other people searching for the same thing, a place for their voice to be heard. But if you lack the knowledge of how to operate through that technology, it can be a barrier between you and your online presence.

Being a 21-year old woman who grew up in the midst of technology, every project, thought, desire, or idea was transcribed into digital and I found myself a playground where I was boss. Unfortunately not all women are told they can thrive in technology. Women have been getting a bad rep, whether it’s because we just “don’t understand” or because there’s a lack of push for women to get into tech jobs, it’s missing and it’s about time we start to curate experiences where we can bring it back.

The 1K IN 1 DAY event will be on September 9th and hosted by Start Up Training School is going to be one of those awesome opportunities for Women to get jumpstarted with resources, support and a catalyst to turn their dreams and desires into a digital megaphone. The event is going to help them start a site and make it their own, with guided walkthroughs by people who genuinely care about helping this community of global women grow and find a voice online through WordPress.

WP Engine will be gifting their Premium $99/mo plan to all attendees of the event for $99/ year for as long as they have their account with us. Along with fantastic support for your site, WP Engine will also be hosting a local event at their offices in Austin, Texas where our staff will be on-site to answer questions. From plugins to design, the event will walk you through all those road bumps that might have stood in your way before on your technological journey to entrepreneurship. But we’re here to help you achieve your goals and to get active online.

Head on over to Startup Training School (site no longer active) to find out more information and to sign up and find an event near you.


To attend the Austin event, head on over to http://www.facebook.com/events/408076049228587/