Tuesday, July 9th, WP Engine held it’s first ever Happy Hour Meet and Greet at Key Bar on West 6th in sunny Austin, Texas where WP Engine is headquartered.

We were overwhelmed at the response from the community at how many people were interested in working with us at WP Engine. From Sales to Support we met lots of great people, and we wanted to say a big thank you for coming out and being part of what we’re building.

It’s no secret that WP Engine is growing quickly. We’re lucky to be part of building a company and a product that has an impact on tens of thousands of WordPress sites globally. As we grow, we’re expanding our team to keep up! For example, we’re adding more support folks so that customers have support 24/7- 365. And we need to grow our engineering team so we can keep building awesome tools that make deploying sites on WordPress seamless.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to work at WP Engine, check out wpengine.com/careers to see what we’re about, and how you can make a contribution.

It takes lots of human power to make the impossible a normal achievement- something that we strive for every day here at WP Engine. If you’re one of those awesome people who is doing well at your current job, but might be looking for your next challenge, WP Engine could be the place for you.

Yep, we’re looking for more talented, fun, and driven individuals to help propel the company forward, and be part of creating a great customer experience at WP Engine.
Oh, and please stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook and blog to find out about the next recruiting event we’re hosting.

Looking forward to talking with you soon.

WP Engine Company Photo - April 2013