In order to help optimize your web content for search engines, using Yoast SEO with WordPress is a must. With Yoast, you can streamline your site to be completely optimized with features like readability checking, content analysis, setting a focus keyword, permalink cleanup, RSS enhancements, and more. Watch the webinar here:

Advanced Tips For Using Yoast SEO

Although Yoast is fairly easy to use out of the box, there are some advanced tips you might not have heard of before. Join Yoast’s CEO and Founder Joost de Valk for a 30-minute discussion on the following:

  • Why Yoast SEO?
  • The hidden features of Yoast
  • How to use the SEO and readability analysis to improve your posts
  • How to use Yoast with Google Search Console integration

In no time you’ll be a Yoast expert! Watch the replay now.