Reality bytes: The digital experience is the human experience.

Generation Z is fueled by technology in all facets of their life, and expects the Internet to connect them, entertain them, sell to them, and build their digital brand. This international study explores three key aspects of Gen Z’s relationship with digital: being online, buying online, and building online.

Be. Buy. Build.
How Gen Z lives online.

How does Gen Z use the web compared to previous generations? What can your brand do to meet them where they are going? Read below to find out!


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Gen Z by the numbers.

It all comes down to digital experiences.


can’t go more than five hours without Internet access.


would rather have unlimited access to the Internet and no university degree than a university degree and no access to the Internet.


believe websites will know what you want before you tell them.


will provide their data to prioritize a personalised experience.

What Gen Z means for the future of digital experiences.

Watch this Q&A with Mary Ellen Dugan, Chief Marketing Officer for WP Engine, about the key takeaways from the Gen Z study.

Gen Z and how you can reach them.

For Gen Z, the most Internet-dependent generation in history, the physical and digital worlds have begun to blend with one another in a way no generation before them has ever envisioned. This presents opportunities and challenges for today’s brands, but to reach them you must first understand their needs.

Being online.

Each generation views the Internet differently, but Gen Z is in a league of its own. Gen Z isn’t just dependent on the Internet, the Internet plays a vital role in their lives. Traditional means of accessing the Internet are not enough for them. They want new ways of interacting with the web, more devices to be connected, and they want predictive technologies to know them better than they know themselves. Don’t be afraid of using new channels to reach Gen Z. Refrain from entertaining Gen Z at your own peril, regardless of where or how you’re communicating with them.

Buying online.

Gen Z wants to experiment with new channels of communication, but not when it comes to purchasing—they prefer a blended model of digital and physical when it’s time to spend money. Authenticity is still important to Gen Z, and relevant content is still king.  

Building online.

Gen Z believes in building their education, career, and personal brand online, and they have the highest aspiration for entrepreneurship of any generation. The traditions rooted in the analogue world will increasingly be challenged by them. Gen Z’s preference for blending physical and online businesses is not an anomaly, and carries over to their own plans for starting a business. To them, every company is a technology company. Gen Z gravitates towards a unique mix of trends, which both embrace the future and respect certain aspects of the past. Communicating with this generation successfully requires taking the time to understand those nuances and acting accordingly.


Gen Z and the digital experience.

What’s changed since we began studying Gen Z’s new digital expectations? Read our 2017 Gen Z study for more information about how this generation is changing everything.

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