by Athletics

Award Level: Winner
Category Name: Best Employment Website

“Athletics developed a theme and plugin that embraces the WordPress block system and headless stack that allows users to get closer to a WYSIWYG editing experience. WordPress has always been a leader in content management but this approach can reduce the disconnect between design and content that other headless first content management systems typically lack.” 

—Ross Luebe, Head of Creative Technology at Athletics


Athletics worked with Guild, a Career Opportunity Platform, to develop a site experience that highlights Guild’s unique offering of driving career mobility at scale.

The challenge

Design and develop a visually appealing, user-friendly website for Guild, with emphasis on creating an accessible website and showcasing the value of the resources offered by Guild. The site had to strike the balance between an engaging experience and intuitive design patterns that combine strong branding, storytelling, and functionality.

The solution

Agency experts at Athletics created a headless Next.js site powered by a custom WordPress theme and plugin that leverages the WordPress block system. The design process incorporated accessibility from the outset, leading to a beautiful, functional site experience. The use of WP Engine’s Atlas and Faust.js accelerated development sprints. A modular content approach allows for versatile storytelling, providing clear informational frameworks that inform the site's narrative flow and structure.

The results

Guild’s rebranding efforts include a new, highly dynamic website that elevates the user experience while simultaneously reducing the complexity of their previous site by condensing three different platforms down to one. This streamlines the editorial experience, giving their team more power and control over the content they create. Visitors to the Webby Award-winning site now have a clearer understanding of their platform through a thoughtful and accessible experience.


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