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Prioritizing Security for a Growing Brand

With the threat of cyber attacks skyrocketing, Envoy Mortgage migrates to WP Engine for hardened security and resiliency.

Industry: Financial Services

Site: www.envoymortgage.com

Challenge: Security issues resulted in DDoS attacks and downtime.

Solution: Migration to the WP Engine Digital Experience Platform for hardened security and better performance.

Results: No security issues since migration and 99.99% uptime.

Since 1997, Envoy Mortgage has been changing the way borrowers and business partners view the mortgage process. Their mission is to create an environment that puts customers first, invest in the newest technology to improve efficiencies and make an impact in the local communities they work in. Envoy now operates more than 150 local branches in 49 states across the U.S. and offers a full portfolio of loan products while providing expertise to all areas of the residential mortgage lending industry.

The ability to be agile and innovate quickly is a key part of our business. WP Engine brings efficiency and speed to our ideation.

—–Josh Peichoto, Digital Strategy Manager, Envoy Mortgage


Envoy Mortgage has grown significantly over its 22-year tenure. The company, based out of Houston, Texas, has grown its customer base to include customers all over the country. During this time, the company’s digital presence has become increasingly critical. Their website represents the initial touchpoint for customers and Envoy works diligently to ensure the site is a physical representation of the company’s values: collaboration, service, integrity, operational excellence, continuous innovation, and financial sustainability.

As hackers and phishing scams continue to ramp up and deliver major casualties to businesses with insufficient cybersecurity infrastructures, Envoy extends its forward-thinking approach to its development processes by utilizing a sophisticated WordPress-specific digital experience platform, designed to reduce the risk for hacker access, DDoS attacks, and intermittent downtime.


After vetting several platforms, Envoy’s development team was confident that WP Engine could provide the security, infrastructure, and resiliency needed to protect consumer data assets. Additionally, WP Engine’s platform came equipped with developer tools that increased agility and efficiency during Envoy’s development process.

“We chose WP Engine because of the enterprise-level security WordPress offers,” said Josh Peichoto, Digital Strategy Manager at Envoy Mortgage. “Post-migration, we value the heightened security features and improved developer tools. Some of our favorite WP Engine features are the automatic backups as well as the development, staging and production environments.”

The Results

Since moving to WP Engine, Envoy has not experienced one DDoS attack or security issue that would result in certain downtime on their site. Due to a WordPress-specific security protocol and resilient architecture, Envoy’s site has experienced 99.99% uptime since moving to WP Engine. The included developer tools also assist Envoy’s development department by significantly speeding up the innovation process.

“The ability to quickly spin up campaigns and microsites is essential to the nationwide growth of Envoy,” said Peichoto.

As Envoy moves forward, Peichoto said he’s confident with WP Engine providing backend service and support.

“We’re glad to be moving ahead with a provider like WP Engine, who gives us the confidence and peace of mind we need to focus on our business—not cybersecurity.”

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