Agency Ignite: Full Site Editing vs. Headless

Full Site Editing and headless website builds are currently two of the most widely-discussed topics in WordPress development—and for good reason. While Full Site Editing empowers builders with block-based content and design control across their WordPress sites, headless or decoupled architecture allows them to connect their WordPress sites with the modern front-end frameworks they prefer to use.

In this on-demand WP Engine Agency Ignite session, find out more about using Full-Site Editing vs. going headless. Hear from WordPress experts about the role each will play in the future of WordPress and within your agency’s toolset.

Video: Full-Site Editing vs Headless. What exactly is the future of WordPress?

WP Engine insiders Charles Oh, Nick Diego, Fran Agulto, Grace Erixon, and Brian Gardner discuss the ins and outs of Full Site Editing vs. utilizing a headless framework for your next WordPress project, including:

  • How to better understand the possibilities of leveraging a headless framework.
  • Benefits of utilizing native Full Site Editing capabilities now included in WordPress core.
  • Strategies for when each solution makes sense, and how they bring value to your agency.

Making sure the ‘web is a better place’ starts with open source and allowing developers to play and use things to ‘ship fun.’ If something is fun, you’re going to use it, and you’re going to create great sites for your clients.

Fran Agulto, Developer Advocate, WP Engine

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