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The Best Email Newsletters for Designers

If you work in the creative industry, you know how important it is to continue seeking out new sources of information and inspiration.

While there are a wide variety of resources that can help you in your work, email newsletters are a great option, as they’ll regularly show up in your inbox with just a little bit of leg work upfront.

Here are some of the best email newsletters you can subscribe to for regular creative inspiration: 

  1. Inside Design
  2. Semplice
  3. Ueno
  4. WP Engine Weekly Digest 
  5. Hack Design
  6. The Smashing Newsletter
  7. UX Design Weekly
  8. Sketchnote Army
  9. Creative Bloq
  10. Web Design Weekly
  11. Sidebar
  12. Responsive Design Weekly
  13. Designmodo
  14. HeyDesigner
  15. All the small things
  16. UX Booth
  17. Codepen

Each design newsletter has its own unique style, so take note of what grabs your attention—and your eye—as we dive in on these recommendations!

Inside Design by InVision

A million people subscribe to Inside Design and here’s why. When you subscribe to this newsletter, you can expect profiles of designers who are making big waves in the industry, a peek inside companies that are doing great work, and a ton of useful resources, guides, and how-to content. Subscribe today to be (and stay!) inspired. 

Inside Design by InVision logo


Build your confidence with Semplice. Semplice promises to make something better and create something worth remembering. Subscribe to Semplice to receive news and updates on the elements of design that matter most to you. 

Semplice logo


The Ueno newsletter has everything your creative mind could ask for: words, pictures, and music. The Ueno team’s expertise when it comes to creating brands, products, and digital experiences is apparent, and they’re eager to share that knowledge. The best part? Ueno sends its newsletter every two weeks, so as not to overwhelm your inbox.

ueno logo

WP Engine’s Weekly Digest

WP Engine’s Weekly Digest is a great way to tap into new ideas that will help you improve your WordPress site(s). Featuring a weekly roundup of WordPress tips, updates, and inspirational success stores, this newsletter is filled with helpful content that will keep you connected to WP Engine’s WordPress innovation and expertise. Sign up here!

WP Engine Logo

Hack Design

Hack Design is a newsletter that’s a perfect fit for new designers or designers that want to learn new tricks. When you sign up for Hack Design’s newsletter, you’ll receive a design lesson in your inbox each week, hand crafted by a design pro. You can learn at your own pace, apply it to your real life work, and continue working on your craft.

HackDesign logo

The Smashing Newsletter

The Smashing Newsletter is a newsletter built for designers that love content. Each newsletter is curated, crafted, and closely edited with love and care. There’s no third-party mailings or hidden advertising, just useful techniques and goodies. When you sign up for The Smashing Newsletter, you’ll get exactly what you signed up for.  

Smashing Magazine logo

UX Design Weekly

Dabbling in UX design? Then you should subscribe to UX Design Weekly where you’ll receive a hand-picked list of the best user experience design links each week. Kenny Chen, Interaction Designer at Google, carefully curates the content so you know you’re getting your information from a solid source. 

“The newsletter helps fellow designers by showcasing their portfolio, side projects, and writing. The random thanks I get from time to time from subscribers for the newsletter is what motivates me to keep curating it each week.”

-Kenny Chen

UX Design Weekly publishes every Monday and you can also go back and see past newsletters here

UX Design Weekly logo

Sketchnote Army

Calling all designers who love to sketch in any (and all!) notebooks. Sketchnote Army is dedicated to showcasing great sketchnoters and their work. The group connects with creatives around the world and even offers readers the chance to be featured in their newsletter. When you sign up for Sketchnote’s newsletter, you can expect a weekly summary of posts, plus the latest news and updates in the industry.

Sketchnote Army logo

Creative Bloq

Say goodbye to creative blocks. Creative Bloq is a newsletter that delivers compelling, relevant creative content to your inbox on a regular basis. This newsletter will ignite your creative mind so you’re never stuck in a rut for too long. Another perk? Creative Bloq provides access to exclusive special offers for products and services you use everyday.

Creative Bloq logo

Web Design Weekly

Want to stay connected with the rest of the design world? Creatives love Web Design Weekly because it provides relevant news and industry updates straight to their inbox. They link to all updates so you can rabbit hole on a specific topic as much as you want to! This once-a-week email is direct and to the point—no spam, no rambling, just the content you want.

Web Design Weekly logo


Sidebar takes minimalism to a new level. This newsletter comes with the five best design links, every single day. No more, no less. You can expect articles from big names in the industry. Subscribe to Sidebar if you’re looking for a consistent source of content that will help you start each weekday right. 

Responsive Design Weekly

Responsive Design Weekly combs through the noise and makes sure to send you only the best content. You’ll get a plethora of responsive design related articles, tips, tutorials, tools, and inspirational sites.

“I started the RWD Weekly Newsletter because at the time I was doing a ton of research/reading/writing about responsive design. I figured that I was finding all these great resources so I may as well put the best together each week and share it, how hard could that be? Lesson: really hard and time consuming, but totally worth it.”

-Justin Avery

Sign up to get the best content in your inbox every week. 

Responsive Design Weekly logo


Every month, Designmodo sends out its email newsletter to more than 143,000 readers packed with the best articles, top industry news, and exciting new products. An extra bonus? They also include monthly job openings at some of the best companies around.

Designmodo logo


If you’re looking for daily curated design knowledge, look no further. HeyDesigner sends you design and front-end links every day or week. You can choose the frequency! Subscribe and join thousands of other readers who rely on HeyDesigner for the latest news, articles, and resources for their work.

Hey Designer logo

All the Small Things

All the Small Things newsletter has some big things to share with you. This newsletter features a roundup of the most relevant articles on digital, design, strategy, and innovation all delivered to your inbox almost every single week. The content is written by Tijs Vrolix, a Belgium-based freelance design strategist who knows his way around designing great products and services. 

All The Small Things logo

UX Booth

UX Booth understands that design involves so much more than just design. To truly thrive as a freelance designer, you have to have other skill sets: analytics, business strategy, visual design, etc. This newsletter takes design and other important topics to create robust content you need to improve your business. 

UX Booth logo

The Codepen Spark

Codepen, while typically thought of as a developer resource, is a great newsletter for designers too! Each week, The Codepen Spark delivers the content you never thought you needed. Don’t want to miss a thing?  Add the feed to your favorite RSS reader! You can even sponsor an issue and reach a large audience of designers and developers. Talk about a win-win!

The Codepen Spark logo


It’s important to keep up to date with the constant changes and updates to the design industry. By subscribing to these newsletters, you’ll never miss an upcoming trend or a new technique again!

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