White Paper: A Digital Acquisition Framework for Small Business

Attract and convert qualified VISITORS

If you’re responsible for the online marketing function in your business, you know that time and budget are precious commodities and that you don’t have nearly enough of either.

In this white paper, we’ve provided a simple framework for small businesses and startups to approach digital marketing and acquisition.

This white paper explores the the following:

  • Marketing during the awareness, consideration and purchase phases of the typical buying cycle
  • How to use the most popular channels to drive traffic and engagement during these phases
  • Practical tips for getting your analytics set up right from the outset
  • Helpful links for more in-depth exploration once you have the basic framework

Starting with these basics will give you a great foundation for your business, upon which you can grow and build as you become more sophisticated and learn what works best for your industry and organization.

This white paper was written by Charles Coxhead from WP Dev Shed for WP Engine.

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