Essential WordPress Plugins for Marketers

Too many.

If you ask me what the absolutely essential WordPress plugins for marketers are, that’s my short answer.

Too. Many.

And that’s both a good and a bad thing.

Good because it means that whatever hiccups you encounter in marketing your business with WordPress, there should be a plug-and-play solution available to you. And bad because you’ll most likely be stricken with option paralysis and sink deeper in a rut instead of moving forward.

Which is where this list of WordPress marketing plugins comes in handy.

I made sure you’ll have a whole arsenal of effective marketing tools to integrate with your site by the time you’re done reading this post.

Ready? Let’s go.

Plugins you Should Install Right Now, No Questions Asked


jetpack wordpress plugins marketers love

If you’re coming off of a fresh WordPress install, Jetpack is a good first plugin to seek out. It jacks your site with a handful of robust features, including analytics, content tools, social sharing, and more.

Impressive, too, is the plugin’s flexibility, allowing marketers to use only the features they want so it doesn’t clog up the site’s performance.


akismetnwordpress plugin marketers love

Spam is the worst. We’re all pretty much vulnerable to it, but there are (free and easy) ways to steer clear from spammers.

One such way is through Askimet, a free plugin that automatically blocks spam comments and allows users to moderate comments.

Contact Form 7

contact form 7 wordpress plugin marketers love

Contact Form 7 is a free plugin and the go-to form-building solution for many WordPress users.

It gives marketers the ability to easily create and manage contact forms that may be placed anywhere in your site using shortcodes.

Forms may be used for a variety of functions, from marketing surveys to simple contact forms, and be customized to suit your needs.

Google XML Sitemaps

google xml sitemaps wordpress plugins marketers love

XML Sitemaps are vital to your site’s SEO. These will directly communicate with search engines like Google and Bing and help them better index your content. More crucially, sitemaps help validate that your content is original and all “syndicated” copies elsewhere are, well, copies.

This is where Google XML Sitemaps comes in. It’s an easy-to-use app that helps users create XML sitemaps automatically without any technical knowledge.

Plugins That Optimize Your Site Speed

WP Smush

wp smush wordpress plugins marketers love

Another way to help your site speed is through decreasing the file sizes of your images.

WP Smush, developed by WPMUDEV, makes that super-easy and automated. The free plan is pretty limited in terms of bulk “smushing” but it’s an amazing resource to have when uploading larger-than-usual image files.

Images are usually decreased by 50%-80% based on my actual usage.

Lazy Load

lazy load wordpress plugins for marketers

If your posts have loads of media in them, you’d benefit a lot from using Lazy Load.

Instead of loading all your images at once, Lazy Load will load images only when users reach them on the page. This dramatically increases site speed and reduces churn rates.

It’s free, and I use it in many of my WordPress sites.

Plugins That Help Rank Your Site on Search Engines

Yoast SEO

yoast seo wordpress plugins for marketers

Yoast’s SEO plugin is the most popular search engine optimization plugin in WordPress’ repository – and for good reason.

Yoast squeezes in plenty of robust features to its SEO plugin. Chief among them is the Page Analysis feature, which offers users AI-powered suggestions to better optimize their posts and pages, effectively saving you from common SEO oversights that ultimately cost you potential traffic and leads.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

google analytics monsterinsights wordpress plugins for marketers

Don’t you just hate how pesky the installation process of Google Analytics is?

I do. Until I learned about this plugin, I’d been installing G.A. by editing my site’s code and copy-pasting the tracking code – a process that sponged quite some time off of my work.

No more. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights makes it easy to install G.A. to your WordPress site and allows users to review and manage metric dashboards, saving you a ton of time. What’s more, the plugin itself is intuitive and requires no advanced technical skill at all.

Title Experiments

title experiments wordpress plugins marketers love

This is a personal favorite. As a copywriter, I love A/B testing headlines. It informs my work with insight from actual human users interacting with my content.

Title Experiments allows you to test blog post titles and learn which headlines work better. This free plugin makes A/B testing super-easy by adding two title forms on WordPress’ native post editor.


redirection wordpress plugins marketers love

Sometimes your readers might encounter errors on your site. That’s thanks to a number of factors, often some that are beyond your control (misspelled URLs, broken links, etc.).

The Redirection plugin allows you to create and manage 301 redirects, track 404 errors, and make sure that no reader bounces off your site due to a broken link. It’s free to use, well-documented, and championed by a lot of digital marketers I know.

Plugins That Help you Nail Social Media


sumo wordpress plugins marketers love

Sumo is actually a whole suite of tools designed to help you grow your traffic, including email forms and pop-ups, but I find their tools for social media more attractive and powerful.

Their free ‘Share’ tool offers users social media buttons with various placement options – the left side of the window, at the start of the article, or the end of the article – making your blog posts optimized for social shares.

Sumo’s free plan has limited features, but they should be enough for basic marketing functions.


mashshare wordpress plugins marketers love

A good alternative to Sumo is MashShare, a social sharing plugin that chucks Mashable-esque sharing buttons on your blog posts. The buttons are bold and quite pronounced, which can be plenty effective.

Click to Tweet

click to tweet wordpress plugins marketers love

Click to Tweet is a favorite tool by a lot of digital marketers. It gives you the ability to create “tweet cards” that your readers can click on to tweet. You can add a @mention or #hashtag too.

The likes of Neil Patel and Pat Flynn used this quite a lot in their earlier years, and it’s still effective today.

Plugins That Help you Nurture Leads and Prospects

Contact Form Builder

contact form builder hubspot leadin wordpress plugins marketers love

Developed by Hubspot, Contact Form Builder is a free, all-in-one lead management plugin that offers high-level tracking on your visitors’ behavior. This helps you make more informed content marketing decisions to increase your conversion.

When your leads convert, the plugin will actually add to your Hubspot CRM. If you’re using Hubspot as your favored CRM resource, this is perfect.


optinmonster wordpress plugins marketers love

You can ask any marketer and email still sits as one of, if not the most effective marketing channels they use. As such, you should take a second look at growing your email list.

Enter OptinMonster: perhaps the most robust list-building marketing solution for WordPress users. The plugin itself offers a variety of email forms and integrates with a host of email marketing providers such as Mailchimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, and more.


thrive themes wordpress plugins marketers love

Like OptinMonster, Thrive offers a host of email marketing solutions to marketers who use WordPress. The focus this time is conversions, with Thrive offering highly optimized form designs and high-level marketing features.

Bloom by Elegant Themes

bloom elegant themes wordpress plugins marketers love

Bloom, developed by Elegant Themes, is a great email marketing plugin especially when paired with Elegant Themes’ Divi theme/plugin features. You can create some amazing designs that fit your site’s branding. I personally use this plugin on a number of my sites.

Nifty, huh?

Over to You

One of the beauties of using WordPress for your website is that you can always resolve any pain point in marketing – or any pain point in your business for that matter – using plugins.

The list of plugins above should have you set for any and all marketing you undertake using WordPress.

Best of luck!

Get started.

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