An Executive’s Guide To Scaling WooCommerce


Digital spend on Cyber Monday in 2015 climbed to more than $3 billion in U.S. dollars. Also in 2015, WooThemes announced that WooCommerce now powers nearly 30% of all online stores.

What happens when you have a Cyber Monday-like traffic event? Can your WooCommerce site scale? What do you look at to determine if your site can handle a huge traffic spike?

This eBook explores the six critical factors to consider:

  • Understanding Your Needs – the right questions to ask, the metrics to consider and how to determine your target
  • Understanding WooCommerce – how the lack of understanding can impact your costs
  • Proactive Load Testing – three incorrect assumptions NOT to make and why load testing should be planned ahead of time
  • Your Hosting Partner – planning for failure, tools to leverage, how hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce are different animals, and why partnering is key
  • Consistent Experimentation – brainstorming, hypothesis testing and questions to ask
  • A Team is Critical – why you shouldn’t do it alone

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