WooCommerce Product Recommendation Plugins: A Detailed Guide

WooCommerce Product Recommendation Plugins: A Detailed Guide

WordPress product recommendation plugins offer a flexible and effective solution for WooCommerce store owners who want to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. 

Using advanced algorithms and user behavior analytics, these plugins can boost product visibility and increase sales by delivering personalized product suggestions that make it easier for customers to find what they need and discover new items they might love.

If you’re interested in adding product recommendations to your WooCommerce store, you’re in the right place! This guide provides a closer look at best practices for WooCommerce product recommendation plugins, the benefits they offer, and top plugin choices for your store. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What are WooCommerce product recommendation plugins?

The WordPress plugin repository contains nearly 60,000 plugins for your WordPress site(s). Among these different integrations are multiple high-quality plugins for adding product recommendations to your WooCommerce store. 

WooCommerce product recommendation plugins in the WordPress plugin repository
The WordPress plugin repository has thousands of plugins, including multiple options for adding product recommendations to your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce product recommendation plugins are designed to suggest relevant products to shoppers, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of a purchase. These plugins analyze various data points such as user behavior, purchase history, and browsing patterns to make accurate recommendations.

Presenting the right product recommendations can be a game-changer for your online store. 

Not only do they provide your customers with a more personalized shopping experience,  they also help in cross-selling and up-selling products, ultimately boosting your Average Order Value (AOV) and long-term customer loyalty.

Benefits of WooCommerce product recommendations

Product recommendations in WooCommerce can provide numerous benefits, from higher customer engagement to increased sales. But why do these recommendations resonate so well with customers? 

At a macro level, personalized recommendations make the shopping experience more relevant and efficient. They also meet the growing expectations of today’s digital consumer. 

According to Salesforce, 73% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, which relevant product recommendations can help you accomplish. 

For eCommerce businesses specifically, product recommendations are particularly powerful. According to a report by McKinsey, personalized recommendations account for up to 35% of Amazon’s total revenue. 

This trend is also evident in smaller online stores, where effective recommendation systems can lead to a 10-30% increase in sales

Overall, the key benefits of adding product recommendation to your WooCommerce store include: 

  • Increased sales: Accurate recommendations lead to higher conversion rates. 
  • Improved customer engagement: Personalized suggestions make shopping more enjoyable. 
  • Higher Average Order Value (AOV): Cross-selling and up-selling increase AOV.
  • Customer retention: Tailored shopping experiences encourage repeat purchases.
  • Inventory optimization: Helps clear out less popular or overstocked items. 

Adding product recommendations to your WooCommerce store not only enhances the shopping experience for your customers but also drives significant business growth. 

How WooCommerce product recommendations increase sales 

Product recommendations directly impact sales by showcasing items shoppers are more likely to purchase. 

For instance, if a customer is looking at a laptop, recommending accessories like a mouse and keyboard can lead to additional sales. 

WooCommerce product recommendation plugins: product recommendations increase sales 
Product recommendations, including “Frequently Bought Together” recommendations, have a direct impact on sales, guiding customers to products they’re likely to purchase.  

Similarly, displaying complementary items or bestsellers in the same category can encourage customers to add more items to their cart. 

With that in mind, the success of product recommendations in your WooCommerce store often depends on the tools you use to present these recommendations to your customers. 

By leveraging the right tools, such as a high-quality WordPress product recommendation plugin, you can easily integrate personalized recommendations into your WooCommerce store. 

And by following best practices and proven strategies, you can ensure your customers receive the most relevant product suggestions, leading to increased sales, higher customer engagement, and better inventory management.

Best practices for WooCommerce product recommendations

To get the most out of your WooCommerce product recommendation plugin, it’s essential to follow a few best practices. 

Prioritize relevance over quantity

It’s important to always prioritize relevance over quantity. Bombarding customers with too many recommendations can be overwhelming and counterproductive

Instead, focus on a few highly relevant suggestions based on the customer’s browsing and purchase history. This approach ensures recommendations are meaningful and useful to the customer, increasing the likelihood of additional purchases. 

Utilize various recommendation strategies 

Another best practice is to make use of different recommendation strategies. These could include “Customers also bought,” “Frequently bought together,” “Recently viewed products,” and “Top-rated items.” 

Experimenting with these different types can help you find the most effective approach for your store. By diversifying the types of recommendations you employ, you can also cater to different customer behaviors and preferences, enhancing the overall shopping experience. 

Optimize recommendation placement 

The placement of your product recommendations, i.e., where they appear, is another area you should explore. Integrating them seamlessly into your product pages, cart pages, and even email marketing campaigns can significantly enhance their effectiveness. 

Proper placement ensures that recommendations are seen at the right moments during the shopping journey, increasing the chances of conversion. 

Personalize recommendations based on data 

Utilize data analytics to understand customer preferences and shopping habits, and tailor recommendations accordingly. Personalization makes the shopping experience more engaging and relevant, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

By following these best practices you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your WooCommerce product recommendations, creating a more successful and user-friendly online store.

How do WooCommerce product recommendations work?

How do WooCommerce product recommendations work?

WooCommerce offers an extension for product recommendation capabilities that store owners can leverage to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. 

While these features often require activation and configuration to work effectively, they include the ability to analyze customer behavior, such as browsing history, purchase patterns, and frequently visited categories. This data is used to generate personalized product suggestions. 

WooCommerce also offers several built-in recommendation strategies, including “Related Products,” which are displayed on individual product pages to suggest similar items, “Upsells,” which encourage customers to purchase a more premium version of the product, and “Cross-Sells” presented on the cart page to suggest complementary items. 

WooCommerce dynamically adjusts recommendations based on real-time customer interactions, ensuring suggestions are relevant and up-to-date. 

While WooCommerce’s capabilities provide a solid foundation for product recommendations, WordPress plugins designed specifically for WooCommerce product recommendations can significantly enhance this functionality with advanced features and wider flexibility. 

Many of these plugins employ sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to analyze user data more deeply, tracking detailed browsing patterns, purchase history, and other behaviors to generate highly personalized recommendations. 

The use of advanced algorithms allows plugins to learn from each customer interaction, improving their predictive accuracy over time. For instance, if a customer frequently visits a specific category, the plugin will prioritize showing products from that category. 

Additionally, plugins offer extensive customization options, allowing store owners to tailor the recommendation engine to their specific needs. This includes setting rules for which products to recommend, choosing where to display recommendations, and adjusting the criteria for suggestions. 

By integrating one of these advanced plugins into your WooCommerce store, you can provide deeper data analysis, continuous improvement through machine learning, and greater customization options, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Popular WooCommerce product recommendation plugins

Choosing the right WooCommerce product recommendation plugin is crucial for maximizing your online store’s potential. Here are some popular options that have garnered positive reviews from WooCommerce store owners:

Related Products for WooCommerce

Related Products for WooCommerce

The Related Products for WooCommerce plugin allows you to display custom-related products on your WooCommerce store. Key features include the ability to customize related product displays, set up recommendations by category, tags, or specific products, and personalize the related products section on the front-end with options for heading, item order, and number of products shown.

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine

While not technically a plugin, WooCommerce Recommendation Engine is a WooCommerce extension that enables you to set up Amazon-style product suggestions for your customers. The extension automatically recommends products based on users’ view history, purchase history, and items frequently bought together, and it’s an excellent tool for facilitating automatic cross-sells and up-sells, helping users browse and purchase more products from your store.



UpsellWP allows you to create one-click upsell offers on your checkout page, helping to increase the AOV and boost sales. Show your customers an exclusive offer at an unbeatable price at the very moment they’re checking out. If accepted, the offer is added to the customer’s existing order with just a single click. 

Alternate Product Recommendations for WooCommerce

Alternate Product Recommendations for WooCommerce

When a product is out of stock or unavailable, customers may leave your store without completing a purchase. The Alternate Product Recommendations for WooCommerce plugin addresses this issue by suggesting alternative products when items are not available. Additionally, when products are in stock, the plugin enhances the shopping experience by recommending complementary items for purchase.

Product Recommendation Quiz for eCommerce

Product Recommendation Quiz for eCommerce

While not a traditional product recommendation plugin, the Product Recommendation Quiz plugin offers an engaging way to bring relevant product recommendations to your customers. The plugin allows your customers to answer a series of questions and returns recommended products that match their needs along with an explanation as to why they’re the right fit for them. It’s like having a personal shopper in your WooCommerce store!

While each of the plugins above offer unique features and functionality, they can all provide your WooCommerce store with powerful options for adding product recommendations and optimizing those recommendations for success. 

Integrating and configuring WooCommerce product recommendation plugins

Although each WordPress plugin and WooCommerce extension will come with its own specific documentation and processes, Integrating and configuring these tools generally involves several key steps. Here’s a closer look at each to help you through the process:


Once you’ve selected a plugin or extension that aligns with your store’s needs, you’ll need to download and install it from either the WordPress plugin repository, the WooCommerce Marketplace, or the plugin provider’s website.

After you’ve successfully installed the software, activate it, either through your WooCommerce or your WordPress admin dashboard. Most plugins and extensions offer setup wizards to guide you through the initial configuration.


Once the plugin has been installed, navigate to the plugin settings in your dashboard. Here, you’ll configure the recommendation rules based on your product categories and target audience. 

For example, you might set up rules for “Customers Also Bought” or “Frequently Bought Together.” 

Additional customization options typically include choosing the recommendation layout, selecting the number of products to display, and defining the conditions for recommendations.


The effectiveness of your product recommendations largely depends on their placement. Common placements include product pages, cart pages, and checkout pages. 

You can also implement recommendations in your email marketing campaigns. Experiment with different placements to determine what works best for your store.

eCommerce store owner on laptop improving WooCommerce product recommendations

How to improve WooCommerce product recommendations

Improving WooCommerce product recommendations involves continuous monitoring and optimization. 

Start by analyzing the performance metrics of your current recommendations. Many plugins provide detailed analytics that show you which recommendations are driving the most sales and which ones need improvement.

Based on these insights, you can tweak your recommendation rules and strategies. Consider conducting A/B tests to compare different types of recommendations and placements. 

Additionally, keep an eye on customer feedback and reviews to understand what is working and what isn’t. 

Regularly updating your product catalog and recommendation algorithms will also help in maintaining the relevance and effectiveness of your recommendations.

Advanced strategies for optimizing WooCommerce product recommendations

Optimizing WooCommerce product recommendations is an ongoing process. In addition to the above suggestions for improvement, here are a few advanced strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your recommendations:

Utilize customer segmentation

Segment your audience based on factors like purchase history, browsing behavior, and demographic information. Tailor your product recommendations to these segments to provide a more personalized shopping experience. 

For example, you might recommend different products to first-time visitors compared to returning customers.

Expand A/B testing

A/B testing allows you to compare different recommendation strategies and placements. By running tests on multiple aspects of your recommendations, such as layout, number of products, and types of recommendations, you can identify the most effective approach. 

Incorporate user reviews

User reviews can significantly influence purchasing decisions. Incorporate highly-rated products into your recommendations to leverage social proof. 

Highlighting top-rated items within your product recommendations can also increase customer trust and drive more sales.

Leverage WooCommerce product recommendations with ease 

Product recommendations can provide a major boost for your WooCommerce store, and the different product recommendation plugins extensions available offer a versatile and effective way to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and drive sales. 

Implementing these plugins involves careful planning and continuous optimization, but with the right plugin for your store, and adherence to best practices, you can harness the power of product recommendations to take your online store to the next level.

Find out more about optimizing your WooCommerce store here, and visit WP Engine to learn how we simplify WooCommerce so you can sell more!

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