5 Facebook Advertising Tools to Increase Sales

According to the Pew Research Center, roughly two-thirds of all Americans use Facebook and the majority of them browse the platform at least once a day.

That’s a massive audience, which means your business needs to succeed on Facebook. It can’t afford not to.

Unfortunately, organic traffic for businesses on Facebook has been declining for years now. Businesses have had to invest in Facebook’s advertising options to effectively reach their desired audiences. To succeed on Facebook these days, creating engaging advertisements is a must.

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Luckily, there are plenty of tools available to help advertisers on Facebook. The following tools all have something different to offer and will help you reach your advertising goals.

Facebook’s Ad Manager

I think every advertiser has a bit of experience with Facebook’s built-in Ad Manager. These tools are provided freely by Facebook and track some general statistics like reach, engagement, and more.

If there is one huge benefit to Facebook’s Ad Manager, it’s in the tool’s simplicity. It’s easy to create an ad and the tool will show you who your advertisement is reaching as the money is being spent. The Ad Manager also allows you to target your audience by demographic measurements, which is incredibly useful if you have a good idea of your audience.

If you’re not well-versed in marketing or advertising, however, the Ad Manager’s statistics aren’t the best to show what tweaks would be the best to optimize a campaign.


If you’re looking for an advertising tool that helps you to visualize your data, look no further than Adspresso.

Adspresso does a fantastic job in creating a clear picture of how your ads are doing. They use color-coded visuals and demographic breakdowns to help users understand their data.

Adspresso also provides statistics that are more actionable than Facebook’s base toolkit. Stats like click-through rate and cost per click allow marketers to gauge the success of your calls to action from a financial standpoint and optimize their ads for a better return on investment.

This service does cost money, though. Adspresso charges $49 a month for their base plan and up to $259 a month for their enterprise plan. Depending on your company’s or client’s budget, this could either be a heck of a bargain or a tough financial pill to swallow.

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Marketing writer’s block is real. It’s difficult, after all, to consistently create content that engages your target audience.

Luckily, Wordstream’s 20-Minute Work Week feature includes suggestions to help make that process easier. It’ll suggest demographics to target, what posts to boost, and improvements to your ads that can increase the conversion rate.

Advertising on Wordstream is scalable as well, and the platform does a great job of remarketing and finding new prospects that fit the image of your current consumer base. A Wordstream Advisor account will run you $49 per month.


If you’re a fan of having maximum control over your advertising strategy, Qwaya is the tool for you.

Qwaya is a tool for small and medium-sized businesses that allows you to break down your audience into smaller, detailed segments. And after doing so, Qwaya offers A/B testing to optimize your ads for better conversion. Their A/B testing will allow you to change the text, font, and even the colors included in your ad.

The detail and customization that Qwaya offers do have a steeper learning curve, but the specificity can be a huge help in learning about your audience. That bonus does come with a price tag, however; Qwaya’s plans will run you between $149-$349 a month.

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No matter what industry your client is in, it’s always important to know what other companies or freelancers in your industry are up to. That’s one of the biggest selling points for Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo specializes in finding influencers within your industry and providing statistics that let you know which would be the most likely to share your content. They also provide insight into what topics receive the most shares.

Knowing this, it allows advertisers to create content that they already know will succeed. When done properly, the process becomes much easier and you can contact influencers who can help your post reach new people. Buzzsumo offers a free version of their product as well as multiple paid premium options.


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So which tool is right for you? It all depends, honestly. Before you pick one, take a look at your brand and evaluate what your company needs. Are you trying to gain your first bit of brand awareness? Are you implementing a new content marketing plan? The challenges you face will change what statistics can help you the most, and a freelancer just starting their business is going to have very different needs than a well-established enterprise.

For freelancers and companies who are delving into advertising for the first time, Facebook is a fantastic platform to give it a try. You’ll learn what information you need pretty quickly, and the tools above do a great job of informing you to make the best decisions for your brand.

Get started.

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