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7 Fantastic Free Design Resources

There are tons of brilliant designers in the world, many of whom have worked hard to create great free design resources for the rest of us in the design community! Some are pretty well known, and others are hidden gems in the virtual land of the world wide web.

We’ve scoured the internet for user-friendly and design-inspired freebies, and wanted to share some inspiring resources made by designers for designers

1. Coolors

Create color palettes in a snap! Coolors is made and maintained by Fabrizio Bianchi. This great tool helps create, save, and share color schemes with the click of a button. You can add a Google Chrome extension, Adobe add-on, get the ISO app, and more.

2. Flat UI Color Picker

Vasilis Baimas created this simple and dynamic color scheme creator that’s great for color inspiration or creating themes. Simply search for the color you’re looking for or browse what’s been recently added!

3. Trianglify

Quinn Rohlf has a great JavaScript library that you can use to create triangular artwork as SVG images or CSS backgrounds. If you’re not much of a coder, you can use a generator to create the output for you and then simply download to your desktop. There’s even a walkthrough to help you understand the math behind the artistry!

4. Hanna Jung on Dribbble

Hanna Jung is a designer who has TONS of freebies on Dribbble, including animations, icons, and wonderful UI concepts. If you haven’t stumbled across her work before, you need to check it out!

5. Font Awesome

Font Awesome has fantastic vector icons perfect for every designer, all thanks to Dave Gandy. This awesome tool is free and development-friendly to keep your design work moving at top speed.

6. Freebiesbug

Pasquale Vitiello is the man behind the genius of Freebiesbug—a site filled to the brim with all kinds of freebies for designers. As you browse around, you’ll find it’s filled with Photoshop files, Illustrator files, code snippets, digital sketches, and more for you to download (or contribute something yourself, if you’re feeling up for it!)

7. Local

Local is our own way of giving back to the development community—it’s a free local WordPress development app that makes setting up a test environment incredibly fast and easy.

Stop debugging local environments and spend more time designing, developing, and launching WordPress sites with Local.

Interested? Download Local for free today!

Thanks to all the designers who are out there lending a helping hand by creating free design resources to the rest of us to enjoy!

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