Global Scale. Local Feel.

Global Scale. Local Feel.

Meet Your Users Where They Are with WP Engine GeoTarget

According to recent survey, consumers today spend an average 7.8 hours a day consuming content. That’s great, but with over 2 million pieces of content published a day, we’re all competing for our end user’s time and attention.

Delivering more personalized, relevant experiences is becoming table stakes to compete online and rise above the noise. WP Engine’s GeoTarget is a great first step for adjusting content based on visitor context, allowing you to serve your audience location-based, targeted content.

With WP Engine’s GeoTarget, you can deliver location-relevant currencies, phone numbers, imagery, or language, all while leveraging WP Engine’s powerful caching platform for a performant experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is GeoTarget?
  • Benefits of localizing (localising) content
  • How to set up GeoTarget
  • Example use cases, such as:
    • Hide or show different messages based on a user’s location
    • Surface required information to EU based visitors based on GDPR protocol

Duration: 17 minutes

Our Expert Speakers:

  • Rebecca Reinhardt, Product Marketing, WP Engine
  • Brian Fohn, Sr. L2 Customer Support, WP Engine


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