Preparing for Peak Traffic: A Load Test Guide

Today, making sure your website can handle higher-than-normal traffic is one of the major keys to building a successful online business or ecommerce site.

All the thought, strategy, and preparation that precedes a campaign or new product launch can quickly go to waste if your site isn’t able to keep up with traffic when visitors start showing up.  

Load testing, which is a type of performance testing that simulates real-world load on software, applications, and websites, helps you determine how many visitors your site can accommodate at once. Proper load testing can help site owners assess things like scaling capabilities, lifecycle hooks, security risks, automatic code deployment, health checks, and target tracking, among other factors. 

In this informative white paper, we’ll break down the basics of load testing, offer key reasons for performing a load test, provide best practices, and help you get started load testing your site before your next high-traffic event.

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