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15 free PSD mockups and scene creators for designers

Having a collection of previously created Photoshop mockups and scene creators can be a huge time saver for busy designers. It’s much easier to finish a project, pop the design into a template, and show it off to your clients instead of always creating a custom mockup scene from scratch. 

To help you save time and do your best work, we compiled a list of PSD mockups and scene creators that are free to download and easy to use. These scene creators are customizable, allowing you to move items around, change layouts, and make the mockups match your branding!

The best print-based mockups:

  • Stationary Scene mockup
  • Branding and identity mockups
  • Free Mockup Scene Creator
  • Stationary branding set with cup mockup 

The best digital mockups:

  • Designer Desk Essentials
  • Smartwatch mockup
  • Mockup free
  • Vector iPhone X Mockup

The best desk/table scene mockups:

  • Iso. Art Equipments Scene Generator
  • Flat Hero Header Kit
  • Flat Mockups — Desk items
  • Ten color pallets, ten workspace elements
  • Wooden board mockup
  • Food packaging mockup
  • Square booklet mockup

Stationery Scene Mockup

Bright and elegant, this free stationery scene mockup brings your print and packaging ideas to life. With the user-friendly separate layers, you can edit shadows, colors, gold foils, backgrounds, and layouts. Bring your beautiful brand identity to life with this mockup template from CreativeTacos!

Branding/Identity Mockup

This mockup Photoshop file has business cards, letterheads, and so much more. These files are great for any creative wanting to show off a logo or design. At 5000 x 3750 pixels, this PSD allows you to professionally share your branding design, as well as your color scheme to better reflect your business identity.

Free Mockup Scene Creator

These downloads include different items in a top-down view, including preset scenes as well as individual items! Check out all of the options available to download and use for free!

Stationary branding set with cup mockup

Brand is an important part of marketing, so finding a mockup that matches your brand identity is critical. This scene mockup features a cup, business cards, and a curled paper. The file itself has smart layers and is great for internal or external use. This file can be the perfect starting point for marketing your business! 

Whether you’re just working on your brand swag or showing off your website, there are no limits to the mockup possibilities with the help of these scene creators.

The Best Digital Mockups

Designer Desk Essentials

This free downloadable bundle features a large group of movable, single objects for designers to arrange however you see fit! It has all the designer essentials: a desktop monitor, a tablet, a laptop, and handheld devices – everything you might need in a mockup. These files also contain a number of other common desktop objects, adding to the reality.

Smartwatch Mockups

With this smartwatch set, you can create the perfect wearable tech scene to show off your work. Today, smartwatch products are one of the most demanded and popular around the world in the market of mobile and computer technology. These products are worn by most everyone, and many people can confidently tell you that smartwatches are useful in their day to day lives. Use this free PSD for your next presentation or portfolio piece, and reach a level where professionalism meets modern technology. 

All Apple Devices Mockup

Keep up with the latest technology trends with Apple products. Especially if you’re promoting a website, social media campaign, or a new mobile app, this is such an easy resource to show off your latest creation! This website mockup is a realistic and sleek design from Graphberry that’s perfect your next presentation.

iPhone XS & MacBook Pro Mockup PSD

This iPhone and laptop mockup allows you to design using the latest Apple technology. Looking for a different type of device? MockupFree is flowing with variety. Whether you’re looking to mock up your design on a business card, screen, van, or holiday ornament, there are options far and beyond. There are also opportunities to contribute your own work as well, which is a great way to share your work with others. 

The Best Desk Scene Mockups

Iso. Art Equipments Scene Generator

Featuring three premade scenes, six backgrounds, and 89 individual elements for designers to play with, this bundle is quite the steal. The elements of this mockup pack are colorful and feature a variety of art supplies and rustic-looking items in addition to the usual office-related pieces.

Flat Hero Header Kit

This collection of scene creator elements includes nine devices and a number of other items commonly found on a designer’s desk. Earbuds, notebooks, pens and markers and a number of other items are included in this free PSD mockup. These flat colorful images are highly customizable and a little different from some of the other downloads on our list.

Flat Mockups – Desk items

This mockup pack has more of a flat, graphic-feel, which will add a bit of whimsy to your images. Featuring a number of devices, this download also includes a nerf gun, a floppy disk, and pizza. In addition to its humor, these free assets are well-designed and visually appealing!

Ten color pallets, ten workspace elements

This flat, top view of different desktop elements features a wonderful variety of color pallets. It also provides different swatches for each style, allowing you to easily customize each scene and choose the colors that speak to your brand!

Wooden Board Mockup

Tomatoes, spinach, pasta…oh my! Here’s a mockup you didn’t even know you were waiting for and something that everyone loves: food. This is perfect for adding some realistic pieces to your project. These food elements would be a fantastic embellishment in a mockup scene! 

Food packaging mockup

Zippy Pixels created some food packaging PSD mockups that are colorful, bright, and full of fun! These packages feature three items in a single frame that you can customize to help you show off multiple designs! With this free PSD, you can present and showcase your designs on a new level. 

Square booklet mockup

For all of the chocoholics and bread lovers of the world, here’s a mockup that was made for you. Featuring all different types of sweet treats from pretzels to cookies to croissants, this PSD file will for sure sweeten your design! Freepik’s free mockup will turn your design from “blah” to “ah” with just a few clicks.

Now that you have all these free mockup templates in your design toolbox, you’ll be ready to present your design work in a snap! 

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