[ANZ] The Value of Values: Building Better Digital Experiences with AI

As the Internet has evolved, so too has the task of creating dynamic, engaging digital experiences, which is now more challenging and more competitive than ever before. Today, building a website that offers a personalised, secure, and meaningful digital experience is the best way to win customers online. A failure to do so, unfortunately, is among the fastest ways to lose them. 

In the past, the speed at which businesses were able to launch a website or make it mobile -responsive meant the difference between them and the other players in their industry. Today, that same competitive charge is being led by the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the way businesses are able to apply AI-driven solutions to create powerful, personalised digital experiences that resonate with younger, more demanding online audiences.   

But the AI ecosystem is rapidly expanding, and finding the right ways to plug it into the digital experiences you’re providing without alienating your customers isn’t always a clear line from A to B.  

In an effort to find out more about the elements of AI-powered digital experiences and the best ways to drive value with AI, WP Engine, in collaboration with Dr. Chris Brauer, Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths, University of London together with his research team at Smoothmedia, conducted a comprehensive, international study aimed at investigating the role of AI in creating human digital experiences on the web. 

Download the ebook to find out more about those findings and explore what their implications mean for today’s marketers and business leaders.

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