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Webinar | Plugin Do’s, Don’ts—and Those to Download Now

One of the best parts of WordPress and the community surrounding it is the wide world of open-source plugins made available via the WordPress Plugin Directory

While the nearly 60,000 plugins available there represent the wide choice and flexibility WordPress is renowned for, sorting through such a large catalog of options can also be overwhelming—you could spend countless hours looking for the perfect plugin to fit your needs. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing your WordPress plugins, although there are a number of pro tips that can save you time and stress as you make your selection(s). 

To learn more about choosing the right plugins for your WordPress sites, we’ve gathered a list of experts to take part in a webinar series dedicated to all things plugins!

We kicked off the series on August 15 with a Plugins 101 session.

This basic overview, hosted by Doc Pop of the Press This podcast, covers everything you need to know about WordPress plugins, including the most common plugins, what they are used for, some suitable alternatives, and answers to commonly asked questions about WordPress plugins.

Our expert panel of speakers for part one of the series includes:

Watch part one of our plugins series below!

Then, on August 22, we hosted the second session in the series.

It covers everything you need to know about WooCommerce Plugins. WooCommerce is arguably the most popular and prolific eCommerce solution for WordPress sites, and there’s an entire ecosystem of WooCommerce-specific extension plugins to explore.

For this session, our panel members join host Enid Jimenez, WP Engine’s Director of Engineering, to share insights into WooCommerce and some of the many extension plugins available, as well as additional eCommerce solutions like Shopify. 

Panel members include:

Watch part two of our plugins series below!

The final installation of the plugins series took place August 29, and it explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and WordPress plugins.

Hosted by Technical Architect James Dominy, experts discuss the ways in which AI is on track to affect WordPress as well as how you can harness the power of AI to create new plugins, optimize your content, and personalize the experiences of your users. 

Panel members include:

Watch part three of our plugins series below!

We hope this series was as fun and informative for you to watch as it was for us to produce. If you want even more developer insights, explore our resource center for more great content—like our Ultimate Guide to Plugins!

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