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41 Women-owned Creative Agencies you Should be Following

March is Women’s History Month, and as we highlight the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society, we also wanted to narrow that lens to the world of web design by recognizing the following women-owned creative agencies that are doing amazing work!

Take a moment to learn more about these agencies and explore their websites for more info about their founders and owners as well as the different types of projects they specialize in.

Here are 41 women-owned agencies that are doing incredible work:

3Trees Studio

Screenshot from 3Trees website

3Trees Studio believes that great design is great business. Owned by BLANK, they create and manage great websites so their clients don’t need to worry about a thing.

Angela Keiser Design

Screenshot from Angela Keiser Design website

Angela Keiser creates attractive, affordable websites and marketing materials that help Nebraska businesses and non-profits stand out from the competition.

Blue + Pine Creative Studio

Screenshot from Blue + Pine website

Jess, the founder of Blue + Pine Creative Studio, is passionate about helping clients communicate effectively through well-designed websites and purposeful graphics. Her top skills include organization and doing whatever it takes to help her clients succeed.


Screenshot from Bozell website

Led by Kim Mickelsen, Bozell has a 100-year legacy of empowering those who aspire to change the world. And because of that, they strive to do right by their clients, employees, and community alike.

Candid Goat

Screenshot from Candid Goat website

Founded by Becky Sue and PJ Wehry, Candid Goat is about creating a world where technology serves people. They recognize the importance of the digital revolution, and they want to make sure they’re doing their part to make that revolution a blessing, not a curse.

Creative Web Ideas

Screenshot from Creative Web Ideas website

Owner and Creative Director of Creative Web Ideas, Jo Lees has been designing websites for businesses throughout New Zealand for the past 17 years. Her business specialises in designing user-friendly websites to convert their client’s visitors into customers.

Convoy Digital

Screenshot from Convoy Digital website

Convoy Digital provides smart, efficient, and thoughtful strategies while building a company that enriches the lives of their employees and the communities they live in.

DayCloud Studios

Screenshot from DayCloud Studios website

Founded by Liz Hunt, DayCloud Studios designs, builds, and operates transformative experiences. They work relentlessly to make certain their client’s goals are not simply met, but exceeded.

Drio Duo

Screenshot from Drio Duo website

The Drio Duo was founded by Rachel and Hazel, two Baltimore women who love working with local business owners, startups, and thoughtful companies. They believe that communications work best when done collaboratively, and work with teams to identify solutions and keep their organization’s growth on pace.

EightySeven Web

Screenshot from EightySeven Web website

EightySeven Web is an agency that’s focused on helping businesses and organizations create a strong online presence through powerful websites and ongoing support.

Ekaete Inyang Digital Agency

Screenshot from Ekaete Inyang website

Ekaete Inyang is an expert at building successful digital products, whether it’s a website or an online marketing campaign.

Emspace + Lovgren

Screenshot from Empace + Lovgren website

Emspace + Lovgren is a woman-owned agency of powerful communications experts who are behind some of the most exciting ideas in the Omaha community, and they’re eager to bring their energy and success to their clients’ plans.

Ervin & Smith

Screenshot from Ervin & Smith website

Currently female-ran, Ervin & Smith is an independent, ​​​​​​​full-service agency in Omaha, Nebraska built for ambitious collaboration.


Screenshot from Fancy website

Fancy is a strategically-minded, creatively driven advertising agency dedicated to elevating what’s important to women. They’re feminist, feminine, and fun. In a word: Fancy.

For All Brandkind

Screenshot from For All Brandkind website

For All Brandkind is a digital marketing and creative agency based in Texarkana, Texas. They make their clients look good, sound good, and reach the right people at the right time.

Gelfand Design

Screenshot from Gelfand Design website

Gelfand Design specializes in WordPress design and development for entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes. Gelfand Design also partners with design and marketing agencies to bring their designs to life and deliver high-quality WordPress websites to their clients.

Hello Sam Brockway

Sam is a teacher of web design, development, and tech. She empowers women to step boldly into WordPress, listen to their intuition, and claim the success they are worthy of.

Jagged Crow Creative

Screenshot from Jagged Crow website

Jagged Crow Creative provides bespoke, high-converting websites for small to medium businesses and help set their clients apart from the competition.

Jess Creatives

Screenshot from Jess Creatives website

Jess works with health and wellness professionals, authors, and service-based entrepreneurs to save time and look good online. She helps them find their story and bring it to life.

JPD Studio

Screenshot from JPD Studio website

JPD Studio is a women-led digital agency helping mission-driven brands create unforgettable presences online. From websites and branding to strategy and design, they work in partnership with their clients to create robust and unique digital solutions.

Jules Webb

Screenshot from Jules Webb website

Jules creates modern, interactive, responsive, and beautiful websites for her clients. She helps them build an online presence that boosts their visibility on the web.

Katama Bay

Screenshot from Katama Bay website

Katama Bay is a web design and digital marketing agency located near Boston, MA. They strive to add value to small and medium-sized businesses by increasing and maintaining their online presence through search-optimized design and targeted marketing.

Kelly C Creative Services

Screenshot from Kelly C Creative Services website

Kelly is an experienced WordPress designer, project consultant, and perpetual learner. She loves helping small and medium-sized businesses build complete web-based solutions that work for them.


Screenshot from KidGlov website

KidGlov intentionally serves organizations and corporations with the utmost care and attention. As a boutique advertising agency, collaboration is what they do.

KMA Web Design

Screenshot from KMA Web Design website

KMA Web Design was founded in 2014 by Kerry Aglugub. Kerry’s mission was to put her nearly 20 years of experience building and managing websites to work for businesses in the Boston area and beyond. Kerry and her team bring their passion for web technology to their work with clients as they help them harness the power and reach of the web to accomplish their business goals.

Nancy Glazer Pearl

Screenshot from Nancy Glazer Pearl website

Nancy Glazer Pearl is passionate about building successful brands. She brings years of creative direction to her clients and guides them through the marketing process to help them build their competitive advantage.

Narrative Digital Marketing

Screenshot from Narrative Digital Marketing website

Liz Da Ponte is the principal and lead consultant at Narrative Digital Marketing. She helps her clients make the most of their digital channels. Liz knows the importance of understanding her clients’ audience, of setting measurable goals, and constantly analyzing their efforts.

Novella Brandhouse

Screenshot from Novella Brandhouse website

Novella Brandhouse is a full-service creative firm that marries digital and traditional advertising to give their clients serious curb appeal on all platforms.

OBI Creative

Screenshot from OBI Creative website

OBI Creative moves people to engage with businesses and brands in new, exciting ways. Founded by Mary Ann O’Brien in 2001, they’ve grown into an internationally-recognized research, strategic communications, and advertising agency with offices in Omaha, Des Moines and San Diego.

Pilcher Creative

Screenshot from Pilcher Creative Media website

Pilcher Creative Media is owned by Laura Pilcher, MBA of Kansas City. After a 10-year corporate career in marketing, design and public relations, Pilcher Creative Media opened in 2011 to help small businesses have access to high-end marketing and design.

PUSH Design Group

Screenshot from PUSH Design Group website

A female-led agency based out of Louisiana, PUSH Design Group listens, researches, and creates marketing strategies that strengthen their clients’ brand.

Ranch House Designs Inc.

Screenshot from Ranch House Design website

In 1999, Rachel began developing the concept and vision of what is now Ranch House Designs, the world leader in purebred livestock marketing and advertising. She has served as CEO of the company since its inception.

Red Bicycle

Screenshot from Red Bicycle website

Red Bicycle is a creative content studio founded by Emma and Antwan Edwards. They see their clients as partners, and they care deeply about their success. Collaboration allows them to push the boundaries and deliver their best work that meets their clients’ business goals.


Screenshot from Retrohex website

Retrohex is a web design & graphic design studio located in Toowoomba, Australia. They specialize in creating and managing custom-designed websites for women in service-based businesses.

Roe Graphics

Screenshot from Roe Graphics website

Roe Graphics has a goal of helping busy professionals achieve their digital marketing goals so they can focus on their business.

Rose & Gold

Screenshot from Rose & Gold website

Rose & Gold is a group of strategic and creative humans creating meaningful branded content and campaigns for brands that are making a better future. 

Sanctuary Studios

Screenshot from Sanctuary Studios website

Founded by Michelle Emson, Sanctuary Studios is a creative agency producing video, photography, and website design for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Snoack Studios

Screenshot from Snoack Studios website

Snoack Studios is a creative design studio in Salmon, Idaho passionately helping businesses shine with beautiful design work and high quality solutions that are thoughtfully tailored to fit their audience and unique business.

Sonoma County Marketing

Maria at Sonoma County Marketing sets small businesses up for success with beautiful websites that convert viewers into customers and social media marketing that authentically and creatively represents their client’s brand.

UP Market Media

Screenshot from UP Market Media website

UP Market Media’s goal is to simplify the marketing process while helping their clients get the best return on their advertising investment. They work with our clients to assess their needs, define their target market, and then define a plan of action.

Uyo Digital Marketing

Screenshot from Uyo Digital Marketing website

Uyo Digital Marketing is your go-to business success team for content creation, SEO, social media marketing, and online branding. They help businesses create and maintain an online presence that pulls in customers and rakes in sales.

Check out each and every one of these incredible agencies and get inspired by all of the great work they’re doing!

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