EDITOR’S NOTE 04/26/16: 24/7 live chat for technical support is now available to all 45,000 of WP Engine’s global customers via our User Portal.

We believe that when customers ask us for help, our skilled team of WordPress experts should deliver a personal, one-on-one experience right when needed – regardless of the time of day, day of the week, or region of the world where our customers live.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that live chat for technical support will be available 24/7 for all 45,000 of WP Engine’s global customers starting on Tuesday, April 26.

When we launched live chat in mid-2013, it quickly became our most popular channel for support, surpassing tickets and phone calls, even though it has only been available less than 14 hours per weekday. Through live chat, we are able to solve over 90 percent of all questions and issues within a single session, in addition to earning an exceptional customer satisfaction score.

With the launch of this enhanced service, we will be changing the workflow for how our customers receive support. To improve the experience we provide, all initial requests for support will be made either through live chat via our User Portal or a phone call. We believe that this level of human interaction is very important, as it ensures we are able to deliver customized guidance quickly.

Therefore, initiating technical requests for support via a ticket will no longer be available as of Tuesday, April 26.

In the event a question or issue can’t be resolved over chat, we will be happy to create a ticket on behalf of a customer and ensure it gets routed to the appropriate subject matter expert to solve.

Please note: In addition to 24/7 live chat, phone support will continue to be available 24/7 to our customers with Professional, Business, Premium and Enterprise plans. Customers with Enterprise plans may continue to open tickets as well.

In providing this service, we are pleased to fulfill the No. 1 request we get from customers across the 133 countries we serve. Thank you to our customers for your feedback and for the opportunity to serve your business. Starting April 26 come chat with us anytime. We’ll be here to help 24/7/365.

Tina Dobie is a results-driven software executive who is passionate about customer success. In her 20-plus-year career in the enterprise software, SaaS, and management consulting industries, Tina has built and led global teams to place the customer at the center of their business, while simultaneously optimizing internal operations for high growth and scalability.