Welcome to Plugged In, where we take a look at some of the most popular WordPress plugins in various categories. This week, we look into the best plugins to make your WordPress site cheery for the holidays. (For more information on WordPress plugins, download our ultimate guide.)

Christmas is just around the corner. The streets and presumably your home is already decked out for the holidays, so why shouldn’t your WordPress site get decked out with a little Christmas cheer? Check out some awesome wintery, holiday plugins that’ll create a seasonal digital experience for your users.

5sec Snow

holiday plugin

Make it snow (on your site)! 5sec Snow is the #1 top selling snow script, works with all themes and plugins, and comes with 8 flake types that can be customized and turned into links. It’s also mobile friendly and can be auto-disabled on a predetermined date.

Holiday Countdown

holiday plugin

Holiday Calendar will create animations that countdown (or up) to Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other festive day. Easily customize the presentation with changeable fonts, backgrounds, colors, and sizing. Holiday Calendar supports any language and will work on mobile devices.

Christmas Music

holiday plugin

Add the Christmas spirit to your site with some holiday tunes. Christmas Music will play Jingle Bells for the entire page or for individual posts/pages.

WooCommerce Gift Wrapper

holiday plugin

A simple but impactful gesture, WooCommerce Gift Wrapper will create a simple gift wrap option form on the cart and/or checkout page. The plugin is customizable allowing you to set individual prices, descriptions, and images for wrapping types.

Christmas Card

holiday plugin

Christmas Card for WordPress creates a Christmas card for all users that will be shown the first time they open your site. Choose from 9 different themes, 5 Christmas songs, 3D falling snow options, and more. The setup and installation are easy and convenient and is easily modifiable for any holiday or occasion.

Have a favorite holiday plugin? Tell us about it in the comments!