Are you ready for business in 2018? The holidays are often accompanied by low traffic and inactivity; what better time to make changes, take risks and improve your strategy for 2018? To help you do that, we are offering Web Week for the second year in a row.

During Web Week we’re encouraging brands and agencies to take advantage of this low traffic time of year to create more personalized, immediate and remarkable digital experiences. This is the perfect time to launch changes to your site, or simply use the time to do all the creative things you want to do but can’t when times are hectic.

To help you facilitate the best digital experiences for your customer’s in 2018, we’ll be offering digital ideas, resolutions, and opportunities over the next couple weeks. These offers will help you create a better, more effective site for 2018.

Before we kick off Web Week, here are some project and ideas you might consider for 2018…

web week

Build and Launch A New Digital Experience

Whether you’re considering a new CMS, fed up with your current platform, need to switch from a shared to a dedicated server, or simply want to add new tools and features to your current environment, there’s no better time than now to make a move and get the ball rolling.

If you’re currently using a different platform to power your website, WP Engine’s platform offers a plethora of benefits to improve your agility, maximize your performance, provide insightful intelligence, and incorporate top-notch integrations. Our platform will help you create scalable, secure, and revolutionary WordPress websites that are equipped for the ever-changing web.

If you’ve been spending working hours maintaining and securing your WordPress site, investing in a WP Engine will help you free up time for more important, less tedious business tasks. Our award-winning, 24/7 support team are experts in their field leaving you with peace of mind.

Our infrastructure and flexibility will help you optimize your workflow, our best-in-class technology, and intense security protocol will ensure speed, scalability, and security, and our specialized intelligence tools will help give you real-time, actionable data.

Launch Neglected But Necessary Website Changes

Is there an addition, modification, or change that you know your website needs but there’s never a right time during the hectic year? The end of the year is a great time to officially make those changes.

Web Week is a great time to release the changes you’re making through November in December. Your Company or your clients’ companies can start the new year out with all the amazing innovation you’ve been building to round out the year.

Optimize Your Workflow

Along with slow web traffic, requests from marketing, sales, or any of the other groups who constantly have demands will have decelerated as well. Use this time to rethink the process as a whole. What tools are you using? Are they working? Where do the inefficiencies in workflow and communication lie?

There are always ways to rethink your current workflow and make things more efficient. You’ll go into 2018 with time detracted from inefficient tasks and transferred to more meaningful business and workflow endeavors.

WP Engine’s development tools allow for strategic and convenient agility. Our tools allow maximized productivity to help you get things done quicker and with fewer pain points.

Get Creative

In addition to taking advantage of the slow time of year to optimize your workflow, Web Week is also a great time of year to do all the creative ideas you’ve been putting off to serve your business or your customer’s business. Web week is a low-risk time allowing you to have fun and explore new possibilities.

Is it time to consider progressive web apps? Maybe you’d like to experiment with headless? Web week is the perfect time to make these distant ideas a reality!

Prepare for Chill Week

Launching during off hours is a necessary part of being a web developer. Launching a new site or moving to a new host during working hours can cause disruption if things go wrong. Therefore, Web Week is the perfect time to make these changes.

However, working while everyone vacations can be disheartening. Similar to the way you might arrive late after a late-night launch or take the day off after the completion of a big project, make sure you capitalize on Chill Week – the first week of the year.  Take some time to rest up for 2018 while your co-workers are scrambling to plan for 2018 and load up your backlog with new ideas.

Stay up to date with Web Week

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