Today’s technology decision makers are looking for innovative ways to integrate various marketing technology (martech) tools and processes together, under the umbrella of a single platform.

Early iterations of solutions such as Web Content Management (WCM) tools or Content Management Systems (CMSs) promised some of the needed marketing integration today’s businesses require in order to meet the increasing demands of younger online audiences. But historically, many of these solutions have lacked much of the functionality needed for truly integrated, complete digital solutions. 

More recently, combinations of these tools have surfaced under the banner of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which at the macro level, aims to integrate a broad range of information and applications across the customer lifecycle. 

Nonetheless, many of the large, proprietary options in today’s growing DXP landscape fall short, either due to a lack of functionality, too much functionality, or through added, hidden costs that are staggering at the enterprise level. 

While there are a handful of proprietary DXP solutions that cover some of the functionality an enterprise organization might demand, users often find that additional work, including customizations, add-ons, or complicated upgrades are needed to fulfill their ultimate, end-to-end business integration goals.  

Prohibitive costs, slow development cycles, and closed codebases slow this process even further, putting businesses that rely on these tools in an incredibly uncomfortable position: either stay the course with skyrocketing costs or make the leap to a new platform.

As this landscape continues to evolve, a growing number of organizations are turning to an alternative option for building and managing websites that integrate well with the other parts of their business—open source technologies, and specifically, an open source DXP, which offers more flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership  (TCO) than traditional or proprietary options.

Check out this whitepaper, written in partnership with digital agency Crowd Favorite, for more information on what an open source DXP can help you accomplish, and how you can begin putting this technology to use today.

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