We love our affiliates.

We love them so much we’re going to brave the elements and join the affiliate marketing world at the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, Nevada this January 13-15th.  We’ll be hanging out with all y’all in Caesar’s Palace, and we want to make sure we’ll have a chance to meet up and hang out with everyone who will attend!

If you’ve never been to an Affiliate Summit, here’s the scoop. The Affiliate Summit is a 3-Day conference where the top affiliate merchants, vendors, and networks come together to swap tactics and strategies, strengthen partnerships, and have a great time. As part of the conference, there are multiple education tracks where expert affiliates and Internet marketers will share the latest trends and information with the rest of the affiliate community.

We’re also presenting at the event!

The talk will cover how to make WordPress super-fast, and optimized for conversions. If you’re running sites on WordPress, this talk will help you increase your commissions with a minimal amount of effort. It will be an in-depth talk and will cover not just strategy, but specific tactics around optimizing WordPress for speed, SEO, and conversions.

If that sounds valuable, please consider voting for our session, “Optimizing WordPress for Speed and Conversions” with Ben Metcalfe and David Vogelpohl.   To vote, you can register here. Once you’re registered, you can vote for the session!

Oh, and if you haven’t signed up for the Affiliate Summit West yes, you should sign up before it sells out!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Vegas 🙂