Some of you may live in the vicinity of Austin, Texas and are aware that this week has been Austin Startup Week– A week celebrating all things startup and entrepreneur and tech.

WP Engine is helping out with some of the events, and we’re also hosting a Twitter Trivia contest on Thursday night.

If you’re not in the 512` area code, don’t worry, it’s Twitter. Everyone can play, no matter where your IP address says you are.

Whether you think you know it all about WordPress, Technology, or the great city Austin, Texas we invite you to play along during the Austin Startup Crawl, which is starting on Thursday, October 11th @ 5pm CST, and goes all the way to 10pm.

We’ll tweet trivia questions every 10 minutes from @wpengine.  You can tweet your answers in with the hashtag #wpetrivia to participate.

For every correct answer we will be rewarding you with one of our awesome and freshly designed t-shirts, and if you play throughout the night, the person with the most correctly answered tweets will claim our GRAND PRIZE, and get to brag to all their friends about how smart they are.

To play, make sure you’re following us @wpengine and in order for your answers to be seen and counted you must use the #wpetrivia.

For more rules and to check out the prizes head on over to this page.

We hope to see you all playing to win, cause the more friends playing, the more fun it is. So whether you’re at the crawl or in Antarctica, we encourage you to get online and play!

For those of you who will be in Austin on October 11th for the Startup Crawl be sure to stop by the Capital Factory where WP Engine will be posted up serving up cold root beer floats to all crawl attendees. We bought a lot of ice cream and root beer so come help us celebrate all things startup!