WP Engine powers the leading WordPress digital experiences on the web. Including, customers with incredibly demanding digital properties that facilitate tons of content and millions of eager visitors looking to digest that content.

Often, our customers look to push beyond the default search experience in WordPress by using enterprise-grade content search and discovery solutions like Algolia.

Enterprise-Grade Search

As a recent Featured Solution in the WP Engine Solution Center, Algolia is a great option for assisting WP Engine customers with their search and content discovery strategy.

Algolia is a cloud search solution with over 4,000 customers in 100+ countries around the world. Algolia integrates directly with the data structure of WordPress to give you the building blocks for creating an advanced conversational search experience.

Beyond lightning-fast search, Algolia empowers sites with product and content discovery, connecting users’ intent with WordPress content in innovative ways.

You Are The Algorithm

One the key factors in customizing content discovery through search is the underlying algorithm which surfaces content based on what the visitor searches for.

Should your blog posts show up? Should support articles be weighted more highly than your sales collateral?

Algolia provides a fully transparent ranking and relevancy algorithm that any user can understand and customize. You can control the content which is surfaced in search results based on the needs of your business without having to code those rules from scratch.

Scale Really Matters

With nearly 5% of all web users visiting a WP Engine powered website every day, we know quite a bit about scale. Offloading services like search is a great way to help boost the speed of your underlying web infrastructure, but that only matters if the service to which you’re offloading also scales.

Algolia is an enterprise-grade search solution servicing customers like mega-popular game streaming service Twitch (processing 3 billion indexing jobs in under 21 seconds!). Algolia’s infrastructure is designed and optimized to provide fast and reliable search experiences at scale.

With enhanced search analytics, available 99.999% SLA,  and a standard triple-redundant server architecture, Algolia provides the scale you need for reliable search offloading for your WordPress experiences.

Does Algolia Work For Your Needs?

Algolia has approachable pricing for smaller sites and enterprise-grade services for larger brands. You can try Algolia out for free (no credit card required) to see for yourself if Algolia is a good fit for you.