Arnette Eyewear built its brand on cool designs. It boasts an amazing team of designers creating awesome eyewear. Problem was, its website wasn’t a true reflection of that.

The site was outdated. It lacked the stability, the speed, and the SEO capabilities that Arnette needed and that its products demanded, said Eric Meyers, Arnette Eyewear’s Digital Marketing Specialist.

”Our site featured one of my biggest modern grievances: a drop down menu that prompts visitors to click on a flag–or any other denotation of their global location–to be served content relevant to their geography,” Meyers said. “And if that bothered me, you can bet it bothered our customers.”

Meyers and his team huddled up and made the decision to tear down the site and start over from scratch. The company signed on with WP Engine to provide a managed hosting platform to ensure its WordPress sites are speedy and reliable, and scalable for future growth.

However, Arnette still wasn’t able to serve everyone the website that the brand wanted consumers to see. The flags still waved, creating an extra hurdle to for visitors to jump over when they came to the site, Meyers said.

Enter WP Engine GeoIP, a new feature that helps Arnette painlessly serve localized and personalized web content based on various visitor attributes such as their location, organization, connection speed, user type, and more.

“With GeoIP, we’ve been able to take down the flags,” Meyers said. “We don’t need our site visitors to find their location on a map. Now, they’re served the correct content every time. It’s improved site accuracy several times over.”

Meyers continued: “We have a large global presence, and GeoIP empowers us to serve our customers and visitors the content that is most relevant to them, whether that’s specific product lines that are only available in certain regions or prices presented in their national currency.”

Now, Arnette operates a number of ecommerce stores in numerous geographies; all of which are localized to specific audiences. For example, if someone in Spain comes to Arnette’s site (, they’ll automatically be served the right information. Same for South America, Europe, the U.S., and myriad other locations. A visitor in the U.S. will be routed to the U.S. store, while customers in Brazil will automatically be served the Brazilian store.

Since adding WP Engine GeoIP, Arnette has noticed a significant decrease in bounce rates from its site, especially among mobile users, Meyers said.

“To me, that says people were getting frustrated with the way things were. They aren’t anymore,” Meyers said.

GeoIP is the latest feature to come from WP Engine, which Meyers said provides the speed and stability Arnette’s sites require, while also offering top-notch technical support.

“Now, Arnette Eyewear has a state of the art site and, thanks to WP Engine and GeoIP, our customers around the globe are served the content that they want to see – what they came to our site for in the first place,” Meyers said. “It’s made our site a vessel through which our product designs can really shine, anywhere in the world.”

GeoIP from WP Engine is available at no additional cost for Business Plans or higher. To learn more, or to give GeoIP a try, email us at [email protected] or call us at 877-973-6446.

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